Dream Dust



12. Chapter 12:

~~The green luscious fields, flowers on each inch of land. Amethyst layed on the ground. But, her eye's were empty. The colourful ground around her. Became dark red, pouring around itself like leaking blood. Her skin was white. Her body was dressed in a long, white dress that was spread around her on the ground, as if she had fallen. Her hands on her stomach, holding a bouquet of white roses. Her dress, was painting itself, soaking the red from the ground, a bright vibrant red crawling it's way up her body, like it was crawling for freedom. It reached the top of her dress. And started to crawl further to her neck, it became a hand shadow, rising to her chin. And on her face, to her pale lips. Leaking into her mouth. And going further to her eye's. It pushed itself into her eye's. Forming a black ball. She soaked it into her skin. Her skin regaining colour, her lips becoming more plump. She rose from the ground. Staring to the scene in front of her. Then it went from the red fields, to an abandoned city. Run down buildings. Empty streets. And ruined market stalls. She stood. Walking through the street's. Her dress reverted back to white. Her feet were covered in dirt from the ground. She saw someone up ahead, a black silhouette. She went closer to it, almost in a slow sprint. It came the silhouette of a woman. Amethyst smiled.
“Hello?” she shouted. She ran to it. Seeing it clearer. The woman's hair was white. Her skin was pale. Her eyes became clear to her as she stopped. Stepping back. That smile that was on her face, faded. The woman's eyes we're empty voids, blood leaking from both sockets. Her gold-painted lips opened to say something, but nothing came out. Then her mouth stretched down to her chest. A snake, made from a blue fire slithered it's way from her body. It hissed. Scanning Amethyst. Then sliding from the woman's body and on the ground. Amethyst was stepping back fast. Avoiding it with each  movement. It came closer to her. And lashed at her.
Her eyes darted open. Slightly screaming herself awake. She sat up panting.
“What's wrong?” Covey woke with a sudden fright. Reaching for a dagger.
“Nothing...just a nightmare” she answered. He calmed down. Scotching himself next to her to hug her.
“Don't worry. I'll always be here to protect you” his arm wrapped around her. Pulling her close to him. She smiled. Cuddling into his chest. He adjusted himself to lean against a rock. Holding her tightly. She straddled herself on him. He looked up at her and smiled. She smiled back, looking down on him.
“And I will always protect you” she kissed him passionately. His hands trailing along her back and hair. Her hands on his shoulders. He started to gently bite on her neck. Making a small moan escape from her lips. Her fingers gripping to his tunic. His broad body tensed.
“Don't you ever leave me” he whispered to her. Holding her tightly.


The sun was rising over the mountains. Amethyst was already up and roaring to go, but Covey, was out to the world. She chuckled.
“Wake up troll” she slightly kicked him. He jolted awake.
“What?!” he ground grumpily.
“Come on sleepy head, we're leaving” he ground and rolled over. “Covey!” she yelled at him. He growled at her.
“Fine!” he replied as he got up, naked. He reached for his clothes as she watched with boredom.
“And they say women take forever to get ready” she barked at him.
“Oh shut it!” he hissed at her. She smiled.
“You won't hurt me” she said with a smirk.
“I won't make you feel pain” he smirked back as he put his tunic on. She blushed a bit. He grabbed his satchel and bags. “Come on you tease. We need to get moving” he kissed her cheek and started to walk towards the mountain. She followed closely.

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