Dream Dust



11. Chapter 11:

~~It hit noon, the sun was scorching them.
“So can I meet Ben?” Covey asked her. She looked at him.
“I don't know actually” she said watching ahead after a moment. “Hey Ben? Are you able to have a physical form in the outside world?” she asked as she held her head high.
“I don't know” he replied.
“Nope” she said to Covey. He looked at her.
“Oh, okay”. It was silent most of the way to an old watch tower. It was starting to get dark.
“We should camp for the night?” Amethyst asked Covey.
“Yeah, your right” they approached the tower.
A second of silence, then a small whip from the wind. An arrow hit Covey in his shoulder.
“Covey?!” she yelled. Summoning her sword. Three bandits. Running out the tower with swords, daggers and a bow. She growled. Running at them, slashing here and there with her sword. Cutting through them without even touching them. One. Two bodies fell from the snowy cliffs. One left.
“How do you have such a sword?” he asked her. She smirked.
“Because you don't know what power I possess” she said as she lashed at him. Slashing him through the chest, blood flying everywhere, on her face, and drenching her cloak and sword. It disappeared into a puff of smoke. She quickly ran to Covey to aid him.
“Amethyst?” he held his shoulder.
“Hold still okay” she said as she gripped the arrow with both hands. Gently pulling it from his flesh. He hissed in pain. “Sorry” she mumbled to him.

They sat out the front of the tower. The sky was dark, and the stars were glittering. The crackles from the fire was the only noise they could here. Apart from the silence of the world. The pathway that they were on, was a wide track of dirt and stones. Up ahead was an opening from the mountain, looking to the world beyond it. The fire mountain didn't seem that far, but the way down the mountain was full of bends and turns, not to mention, long.
“Your quiet” Covey started. Amethyst looked to him after gazing at the Fire Mountain. “What's on your mind?” he asked her.
“Well...” she had to get to that mountain, kill the creation of the darkness. But she can't do it alone, she was hoping to find someone to help her. But never thought it would be him. “I'm just scared” she finally mumbled.
“Of what?” he asked. “Your Amethyst, you took down a Soul Dragon on your own, you possess the spirit of a Howler” she smiled with a small giggle. “And you’re the most insane girl I've ever met” he added. It made her laugh a little. He smiled to.  “So tell me? What are you afraid of Amethyst?” She stared into his eyes.
“I really don't want to lose anything that I've gained. Like a brother. A partner. And well...powers that many people can never gain” she answered.
“Is that all?” he asked her as if he was expecting something more important than that.
“Well, of course!” she snarled. He snickered.
“Alright then” they sat there in silence.
Hours past, the fire died. And so was the pair’s consciousness. They were asleep, separate bedrolls. Amethyst's mind was blurring through with darkness. Her mind was under some sort of spell.

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