Dream Dust



10. Chapter 10:

~~People gathered around the corpse of the once was a full dragon, now in two pieces. Amethyst walked towards everyone. Her new sword in her hand. But start naked. She had turned back to herself. Black blood that was splattered on her, was dripping down her legs and arms.
“Amethyst!” Covey yelled. He pushed through the crowed and hugged her. “I was so worried about you!” he said to her.
“I'm fine” she said with a smile. He pulled back from her, noticing her new equipment. “You like it, I was able to summon it while I was in the action” she grinned.

After a few hours of skinning the dragon, she worked in the blacksmith for the rest of the day, tanning and stripping the skin, and sewing it into a new cloak, cruises, and greavers. (Armour tunic and pants) She finally tried them on. Even had enough for a pair of boots and gauntlets. She looked at herself in her new sword. It was that shiny, it was like a mirror, or at least close enough to a mirror. Covey came in as she was admiring herself. She looked at him with a smile. The shining, faded green-scaled armour smiled at him to. He handed her some shoulder pads.
“Your gonna need those” he said to her. She chuckled and put them on. A perfect fit. “Do you have to leave?” he asked her. She looked at him.
“With how I appeared after that little battle with the dragon, and the appearance of my new sword would raise suspicions of me being a witch, and I would be exiled from the village. So it's best for me to gather what I can and leave” she said with a frown. “Besides, with the powers of a Howler inspiriting my body, I'm no better than a witch” she mumbled to herself.
“I may not have been able to see what was going on up there. But I know for sure that you are not a witch!” he shouted at her. She turned her back.
“I was able to conjure a sword from my mind, that's not the least bit suspicious to you?” she asked him. His brows creased into the middle.
“Not at all, I knew that there would be something special about you. And I'm not wrong, you live with the soul of a Howler. And you haven't been driven mad with the power of the darkness. You’re not a witch, but a descendant of a Howler. And I know you talk to him” she turned her head quickly to him, shocked. He knew.
“How did you...”
“Amethyst, I was awake this morning, and you were talking to someone in your sleep. But you were upright. And your eye's were open” She felt a bit embarrassed, she must have looked weird.
“That means that...”
“I know you called him your brother, and I know you call him Ben” he smiled. “You can't hide jack from me” He pushed her against the wall. Pressing their lips together.
“I'm sorry I'm putting you through this nonsense” she began to cry. He wiped them away.
“I'm coming with you, whether you like it or not” he said. And walked off. “I'll meet you out the front of the tree gate at sun-rise”. The door closed. She needed to talk to Ben. And so she did. Entering that gate in her mind. And seeing him physically in that darkness.
“You've discovered how to see me willingly now?” he asked her. She looked to the ground of udder darkness. “You don't actually want to him to come do you?”
“Of course not, but then if he stays, he will be ridiculed for sleeping with a witch, and would be killed” she had small tears run down her face. He walked to her and wrapped his arms around her.
“Bring him!” was all she heard, before she realised she was back in reality.

As time passed, she was waiting silently for Covey at the front gate. An hour late he was. If he was going to keep her waiting, she was going to leave without him, she had everything she needed. But him. So she waited until the sun was completely visible.
“Well that was a waste of time” she said as she turned and started to walk.
“Hold up!”

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