The Cycle

One task. Reach the shrine. But it isn't as easy as it sounds.
One shot- may possibly become a full story at a later date.


1. Prologue- Life 21


    As the dragon sank its fangs into Lanora’s chest, all she felt was disappointment. Of course, she also felt the ripping, tearing pain of the dragon’s teeth, but she’d learned to ignore that.

    The world was going dark, but she focused her dying eyes on the top of the hill. She could just faintly see the shrine that was perched there.

    So closeshe thought with frustration. She had nearly made it this time. All the way through the village, up the mountain, through the tunnels, and to the hidden hill, where the shrine rested. She’d fought monsters, bargained with spirits, and generally done her best not to die. And she had almost made it, but the dragon had ambushed her. Who knew something so large could be so sneaky?

    She focused on the shrine, as if she could will it closer. Then the dragon’s fangs dug into her heart, and the world went black as the cycle began again.




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