I met Patos at 17, he was pure temptation.

I licked the palm of his hand as he told me to, ''First time huh?''
I nodded and tasted the bitter crystals he brought in his little ziplock.


1. 1. First time.

I didn’t remember where I was, It felt like I wasn’t anywhere, not even in my body. In this void sound was breaking apart, it hit me in waves, small pieces- but sounded as if it had been processed from a computer uncountable times- It sounded like the furiously blinking lights from the club, that’s the only way for me to describe it. Suddenly I was being pulled back- being held around the waist, the sound reversed around me and played backwards and then I heard glass shattering inside me;

My eyes opened and I looked up into a man’s eyes, his eyes were filled with lust and a slight moan escaped my throat as I gained consciousness. I felt my body rock with his. 

Did I just sleep?

He pulled out and looked down at me before saying, ‘’Put your clothes on’’, I took a look around us and noticed the trees and grass as I sat up, ‘’It’s pretty cold, and I can’t cum with all these drugs In the system.’’ He laughed and grabbed my ass with his warm hands.

‘’Where did you throw my pants?’’, I asked as I noticed we were both completely naked,

‘’I don’t know, somewhere around the bench.’’, He shrugged me up and wobbled a little with his jeans around his ankles.


We jumped the fence and walked down the sidewalk. I locked my arm in his as I smiled, the city was filled with high energy and drunk people yelling around us.

‘’Waow, It really just hit me right there…’’, he said and smiled at me, ‘’It’s a late bloomer.’’

I smiled back and looked at his sunglasses, golden frame with pink glass.

‘’Are you feeling okay?’’, he asked and held my shoulders

‘’Yeah, I’m feeling really good.’’, He squeezed me a little and we kept on walking.

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