3. Snowdout

the protagonist walks through some trees, a twig snaps and they turn around, There's no one there, They keep going towards the bridge and get there, "M O N S T E R" Someone says behind them "T U R N  A R O U N D  A N D  S H A K E  M Y  H A N D" They turn around and shake the humans hand... A whoope coushin goes off and the human smiles "Hah, The ol' whoope coushin in the hand trick" She says "I'm Luce you'll see my brother jack soon" Luce says and she sees someone "Speaking of the devil, Hide behind the goat looking tree" Luce says as the protagonist hides "Where were you? You know we're supposed to catch a monster!" Jak says "I was just catching fog and I..." "Don't..." "MIST" Luce says and Jak walks away... He had a hood on covering his face and showed no skin... the protagonist proceeds seeing the two and jak sees the protagonist, "IS THAT?! (Luce is that a human?)" Jak asks "Yes" Luce says "STOP RIGHT THERE HUMAN! I, JAK THE GREAT SHALL STOP YOU HYEHEHE" Jak yells and runs off... Many puzzles later... The protagonist gets to a small town, Goes to the inn, And goes to sleep... (Now here's a choice, Go to Zanes here which is the next chapter for genocideal or keep on this chapter for pacifist, when on genocidal comment if you want it to be a different book...) The protagonist wakes up from a nightmare and goes towards the next area but Jak engages a battle,one battle later, Jak and the protagonist basically have a date now somehow... after the date the protagonist leaves snowdout

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