A dinner party

A girl unexpectedly meets her favorite band in the whole world.at a fancy dinner party.but also will her friend tell her that she knows one direction and that she is dating Louis Tomlinson ?or will she lie about dating him???who knows ???,


1. Lilly May Riley

Ok everyone this is my third book hope you love it.if you haven't check out any of my other books you should one called (The best song ever )so this book I actually wrote at school that my teacher said write about a dinner party and tells what happens their so I wrote about this story about a girl going to a dinner party and netting her favorite band in the whole world so I hope you love reading my books and I hope you will like this one to so on wit the book!!


Alicia P.O.V.

Today was one of those days that you want to yell and pull out your hair.I only had to hours left in till school was out for the summer.This summer I was going to London to see my friend Lilly.Lilly had just moved their a year ago with her parents.she use to live across the street from me,but now she lives across the country in the uk.While I live her in Florida.I am a western girl.Lilly is a city girl more than she is a more country girl like me.one thing about Lilly is that she hates getting dirty.also se is scared of bugs.I am nothing like her,but I just love Lilly not because we have different personality,I love her because she doesn't take me for not who I am.Lilly is a very caring person and she always puts others first.Also why me and Lilly are goods friends is that we are big fans of one direction.

So after the bell had rung I had to go to my locker to get my bag.also if I didn't tell you I am 18 and I am in 12.also I am in love with this boy named Connor which he is western like I am am.He has blond hair with curls in it.he also wears a lot of plaid and likes to wear boots a lot.so once I headed home I had went to my room to pack.I was staying with Lilly for the whole summer.which my parents were ok with it.also my parents names are Abby Jenkins and Robby Jenkins.and I am Alicia Rosa May Jenkins.i was always close to my parents like I was always and that never was gong to change.

----------next day

So I was on the plane heading to London to see Lilly,I was really excited to see her.I have never been here before so it was kind of scary.Once I got off the plane I got my bags and I started looking for Lilly.After about fifth teen minutes looking for her I finally found her.

Lilly!!!...I am so happy to see you.its been like forever since we seen each other.

"I know right."

Yes,that's defiantly true,I can't wait to see where you live and you taking me all of London.

"Will see,but first lets get you back to my house and then we can see if I can take you anywhere."

That sounds good with me Lilly.

It took about in hour to get to Lilly's house.when I walked in I was impressed with everything in This house,like their were painting on the walls and nice carpet and a very big tv.it covers the whole wall.after looking around,we went to Lilly's room.once she opened the door.my mouth was wide open.it had a queen size bed with night stands on the sides of it.also she had a big closer to,with her own bathroom.I wish my parents could buy This!!!

Lilly's P.O.V.-I saw that Alicia was shock of how big my room was.My parents never could be able to buy this but,the reason why is because of my boyfriend.Well your probably wondering who it is and it is louis Tomlinson,from One Direction.Man that boy is sweet.When I met louis it was at a coffee shop,not far from my house.This one day I was ordering coffee.And this guy behind me was singing my favorite song from their band and it was kiss you.I just loved the beat of that song it always turned me on.once I got my coffee and the guy behind me got his.next thing you knew the guy runs into me spilling my coffee and his all over me.Well you could say I was mad,but I wasn't that mad really.When I looked up at him he asked me this.

"Are you ok,love?"

Yes,I guess.Well you could say that but I have coffee all over me so no I am not ok.

"I am very sorry about that why don't I buy you another one.And let me help you get cleaned up too."

Thanks for the offer but I am ok.

As soon as I tried to go to the bathroom to get clean off,someone had grab my rust.And I saw that it was the guy that had spilled coffee on me.

"I am so sorry for spilling coffee on you love."

I had notice that he was talking in a British voice.Well I am not British and I have and American Florida voice.

I know your sorry so I forgive you---

"Louis,I am Louis.and may be who you are love?"


"Lovely name Lilly.i like that kind of name."

We'll thank you Louis I like your name to.

"Maybe some other time I can make it up to you and get u some coffee Lilly ?"

Sure that would be lovely.

"Ok that sounds great how about next Thursday I am off that day."

I am free that day so sure that would be nice.bye the way nice meeting you Louis.

"You to Lilly,I see you next Thursday bye."


Still today I remember when Louis spilled coffee on me.that day I will alway be in my heart.i just love him so much


Hey everyone what did you think of chapter one.do u think that Lilly will tell Alicia why she has the very big house for and will she tell her that she is dating Louis Tomlinson from one direction? Find out and see what happens?

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