The best song ever

So this is about a girl jade wanting to find her talent and no one thinks she can make it happen intill she meets someone that changes her life and will she choose making her dreams come true or will she falling in love and she doesn't know it so find out what jade does will she make her dream come true or will she find true love instead ???


11. chapter 8

Hey everyone so Liam a jade are getting to know each other and going in dates do u think that they will be together ?


Jade. POV

2 weeks

So me and Liam have been hangout of for like two weeks. hanging out with Liam was amazing and he loved when I would hangout with today we were at the guys flat hanging out with the boys watching TV and I was snuggled up to Liam which I liked it.

And i saw that the other and their girlfriends were snuggled up to them.i saw Louis and Brittany which they make a great couple u don't know how she jangled him.also like zayn and ally their really good together I like where she would mess up zayn a hair and he would running to the bathroom to fix it.and after he was done.he would run back and mess up her hair.they'd would laugh it out.also Harry and Luna she is my best friend of this group she is really nice and se cares about me and Liam.She said we are cute together.and I think so too.i want to be Liam everything I think he wants me to be to.i can't wait to spend the rest of my life with my new 8 best friends from one direction the has alway been my wish to meet then and it finally gapped end while falling in love with my favorite member in the band Liam Payne and I hope it stays that way forever!??

Hey everyone this is the end of my book so sorry for ending it like this so I am writing another book that goes to this one it is called falling for u it about Liam and jade relationship and she find some bigs new about jase and while she hanging out with Liam she fall more in love with him will she keep her heart on Liam or will it go to jade find out in the next book!!!

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