The best song ever

So this is about a girl jade wanting to find her talent and no one thinks she can make it happen intill she meets someone that changes her life and will she choose making her dreams come true or will she falling in love and she doesn't know it so find out what jade does will she make her dream come true or will she find true love instead ???


10. chapter 7

Jade's P.O.V.

After we got back from our performance Simon said we did really good.he said he like the song we choose and he like my voice that best he said my voice is one of a my friends thought it would be a good idea to run a while looking for them I ran into someone.

"Are u ok love"

The way the that guy said it to me he he sounded British.

Yes I am fine but what about you are u ok?

"I guess I'M fine.lets get u off the floor love." soon as I looked up I knew who u ran into no other than Liam Payne from one direction.


"Yes I am and I can tell your a fan of us.and if you are a fan please don't scream in my face I don't like when our fans do that it's just very creepy."

I promise I won't scream.When u said us who do u mean?

"I mean my band mates and I,like Niall Horan,Harry styles,Zayn Mailk.Louis Tomlinson and I of course."

Well it's nice to meet you Liam...

"Also it is nice to meet you too....."

Jade,I am jade.

"Right jade,also I heard your in a band called cloud forest?what kind of music do u play?"

Well most of the music we play is your guys music we are a big fan of u guys.

Also u are my favorite member of the band by the way.

"Well I can see u like our music and I like being your favorite member of our band."

Well it is nice meeting u Liam bit I should go look for my friends.

"Also it is nice meeting u too jade."


Liam P.O.V.

Once I got done taking to that jade girl I went to look for the boys.after looking for about 15 minutes I found them.

Hey Liam what u up too.

Nothing nailler,I just talked to a girl I just met and her name is jade.

"Well that's sound nice.its good that u are taking to a girl it has been like two months Liam."

I know Niall but I was still getting over Lilly u know how hard it was for me.

"Just be careful mate"

Why Zayn?

In just because she could be like Lilly and I don't think you could go threw another break."

Yay just be careful ok Liam.

I'll be careful Louis.

"You know he probably going to think about that girl you know that Zayn."

I know harry just kind let him be free and make his own life be his.

You should ask her for her number Liam.

I think so too Louis I think it might..

So I headed off t go look for jade I found her and saw a guy with his arm around her waist.Maybe she already taken.I still decide to ask her for her number.Hey jade what up.

"Oh,hi Liam what up with u and what are u doing?"

I was wondering if I could have your phone number.?

"I guess here u go *(***)***~****."

Also here's mine *(***)***~****

Thanks Liam maybe some time we could hang out also these are my friends

Jade brown 18

Kaitlyne Russell 17

Emily Hanson 18

PatrickBurring 16

Chloe Morgan 19

Nice to meet u all.

Also Liam I am not from here I am from America and I love in Indiana."

That would explain why u don't sound British.

Also I am staying for two weeks here if you want to do something?

Sure that would be nice I will text u when I have time off.


After talking to jade I had the biggest smile on my face,

@You look happy Liam.what for.?

Well Harry I just got that girl that I was talking to number.

Well that cool mate.

Thanks Zayn

Anytime mate..

So make sure though Liam u don't get carried away ok.?

Niall I am not going to get carried away is not like I am going to asked her to sleep in my bed with me.

I kobo but go easy on the girl u just met her not that long ago.

I will harry.

I think that jade and Liam would make a great couple.


I didn't even tell u Louis.

I know I met her and her friends too their really nice expectable that Kaitlyne girl she seems nice.

Don't even go their Louis u have a girlfriend I know that and I love Brittany I would never do any to hurt her.the reason why I said that is that me and Kaitlyne could be friends that's all I want.

So what do u guys want to do

"How about we got eat because I am hungry."

Your always hungry Niall.

I know!

Left go eat now ok

Ok Liam,

So all of us went nandos

After we got back I heard to my room once I got to my room I saw that I had a text message from jade

Hey Liam what are doing right also I am not doing anything if you want to hang out?

Sure I would to hang out jade

Ok so should I bring me friends or do u want me to come alone?

You just can come yourself if u like?also the boys are down stairs playing videos games

Ok we can meet anywhere if u like ?k

Sure Liam we can meet at my hotel

Where are u at comfort inn on Margery .

Also I need a ride I feel bad for asking u

Oh it ok jade I'll see u their in fifteen.


I started to heading out of the house when Harry asked me a question?

Hey Liam where are I going?

I am going to go see jade is that ok. Yay that is great have a good time.

After the long drive I was finally at comfort inn to see jade.


Jade p.o.v

So before Liam got here I put on a crop top and some blue leans with some cowboy boots.and of course I didn't war make up because I like it on my face.

Once I was done and came out of the bathroom I saw that jase was looking at me.are u ok jase.

Yes I am fine you look very pretty jade nice since of style with the boot Los it really beings it out and also have a nice date with Liam no kissing.

I am not going on a date jase we are just hangings out ok?

Ok that's what u say but also have a good time..

Thanks jade have fun getting along with Kaitlyne ..

Real funny.

I know i try to be.

After I was done talking to jase I headed out to the lobby to see Liam.

Once I saw him I was so happy to see him.


Hey jade what up its nice to see u

You to I would give u a hug but I just met u three days ago.

I know but come on.

Maybe later ok

Ok we should get to my mustang before the pap see u .

Ok let's go.

Once Liam and I got to his car when you can tell his rich I mean rich people it was a 2014 today kind of car.I got into the car and this car had nice leather red seats.

Jeeze Liam nice car,this is a very nice car

I am glad u like it I try to not be something real expensive but I have my ways,so where do u want to go?

I never been here before so anywhere is fine.

I can take u to the london eye if u want me to.

That would be perfect Liam

Once getting to the bridge I looked out at the light and saw that Liam was looking at me.

Is everything ok Liam

Yes everything is ok jade.i am just think about something.

What is it.

It u that I am thinking about.jade ever since I have met u I feel different around only know u for three days already is the best thing ever and remembering when u ran into me and I helped u up it was amazing I was wondering if u like to get to know me and go on a couple of dates with me,

I would love to Liam and it was nice meeting u too.

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