The best song ever

So this is about a girl jade wanting to find her talent and no one thinks she can make it happen intill she meets someone that changes her life and will she choose making her dreams come true or will she falling in love and she doesn't know it so find out what jade does will she make her dream come true or will she find true love instead ???


5. chapter 5

  so back to Jades and Jases P.O.V.

 Jase's Pov.

so we headed back from eating Wendy's,once we got back to jades house all of us went to her backyard to play our music.Well we're in a band called Cloud Forest.My friend Jade created this band I just love the name that she calls this band.I play drums,Emily plays guitar,Kaitlyne also plays guitar,Chloe and Jade are singers.Jade also knows how to play guitar she was the one who taught Emily and Kaitlyne.I knew one secret about Jade that know else knows about her she sings and plays guitar.She kind of told us that she kind of knows how to play,but she didn't tell her dream was to become a singer and artist at the same time.She was really scared to tell she want to go on the X factor.I told her she should life her dream and make it come true.

Jade's P.O.V.-I saw that jase was daydream about something,so I decide to ask what's a matter....

Hey Jase,are you ok?

"Yes,what's up.What do you need?"

I was just wondering what do you want to play.

"We can play what ever want".


Ok everyone we are playing Nobody Compares by One Direction. Jades sings first.


You're so pretty when you cry,when you cry. Wasn't ready to hear you say goodbye,now your tearing me apart.tearing me apart.You're tearing me apart.

jases sings-

Your so London in your own style,your own style,and together we're so good so girl why.Are you tearing me apart,tearing me apart.You're tearing me apart.

Emily sings-

Did I do something stupid,yeah girl if I blew it.Just tell me what I did,Let's work threw it.There's gotta be some way to get you to like me before.

Patricks sings-

Cause no one ever looks so good in a dress.And it hurts "Cause I know you won't be mine tonight.NO one ever makes me feel like you do when you smile,baby tell me how to make it right.Now all my friends say it's really not worth it.But even if its true,No one in the world could stop me from not moving on,baby even if I want to Nobody Compares to you.


after we finish our song,we all went back inside to my room.While we were heading back I saw jase look at me and he wouldn't stop it.People had told me that he liked me,but I never got that far to having a real crush on him.I am one of those people that doesn't just fall for someone that they just meet.....................................................................................

Jase's P.O.V.

I had noice that jade saw that I was looking at her,but I tried not to look at her.I just couldn't their something that I like about her.I think the reason why I hung out wit her and when she would teach me how to pay guitar,I felt like their was a spark between us.I just don't know if jade feels the same way about me.I think that I am in love wit her.I know I want to tell her how I feel about her.......

Jade P.O.V.

It was the next day,and I had to go to school again and tomorrow was the last day I couldn't wait to have an amazing summer.Also since I am finally going to college I can't wait.Once I got inside of the school I went to my locker to get my stuff ready for class and  I was about to reach for my book and someone's hand got the book and I could tell who it was,no other than my best friend Jase. Jase you know I can get my own books I am old enough.

"I know I thought since that tomorrow is that last day of school, i thought I would be nice and to help you with your books.Also I wanted to talk to you"

You always want to talk to me jase,I always end up talking to you and I can reach my books , I am not little anymore and you may only be 5 feet taller than me but I can do it my self.

"I know that,Also I was wondering if you want to hang out with everyone this summer and maybe get ready to perform on the X factor."

NO way you got tickets for us to go on the X Factor,It has been my dream to be on that show and to win it.

"I know, that's why I got the tickets for and since were in a band I thought it would be cool to do something you always wanted."

Thanks jase your the best!

"I know,I try to be."

So Jase and I headed to class together and the rest of the day I was about to scream because jase got us tickets to perform on the X Factor and I always wanted to be on that show.Once the day was over I got on the bus and I saw that all my friends were their.Hey Jase,Hey Kaitlyne,Hi Chloe, "VAS HAPPING" Patrick and Emily! What are you guys doing here we don't get out of school intil tomorrow.

"We all know that Jade,but all of us wanted to surprize you. Emily said"

Thanks guys your the best,also did jase tell you that we are going on the X Factor?

"Yes, he told us>you were the only one left to tell jade"Kaitlyne stated

Well thanks guys that's good to know.

"Oh your welcome,we try to be good friends."Patrick said

Real Funny....So what do you guys want to do when we get to my house?

"Well we thought that since our performance is not intil the end of june we could practice for that so we know that we are perpared."

That sounds good Jase.So lets get really Cloud Forest for the time of our lives on the X factor!!!!





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