The best song ever

So this is about a girl jade wanting to find her talent and no one thinks she can make it happen intill she meets someone that changes her life and will she choose making her dreams come true or will she falling in love and she doesn't know it so find out what jade does will she make her dream come true or will she find true love instead ???


4. chapter 4

Ok so this is chapter four so far and I decide to write the guys pov's for 3,4.and then on five I will go back to jades and Jase pov's.and on this chapter I has been 1month since Liam broke up with Lilly.and also on Jase and jades pov it has the same time as Liam and the boys but different parts of the in this chapter Liam goes into depression thinking what Lilly done to him.and he doesn't want to tell the boys that he has been going threw depression.also the girls will be in this chapter with he on with chapter.


At the boys flat,in California.

Liam's P.O.V.

So it has been a month since the break up and the boys and their girlfriends were at the flat.just chilling around.Having a day without the paps asking me questions about Lilly and asking the boys about their relationships with their girlfriends.

I was looking at the boys and their girls sitting with them,they look very happy together.i wish I was happy as they were. Like I was looking at Luna and Harry.Harry would tell the dumbest jokes to get her to laugh.which Harry jokes are good but the really bad at the same time.Also Louis would tell Brittany how strong he is.And how his favorite food was a carrot.And Zayn would tell Ally how much he loved his family,and how he bought a house for his mom.She thought that was sweet of him to do that for his parents.But then looking at Niall,Niall didn't have a girlfriend before I broke up with Lilly Niall was the only one that didn't have a girlfriend.I bet he feels left out.

The boys had told me that I should go out more and meet some girls.I told them I would take my time and find my love my self.I really needed a second chance at love. I just want to feel happy again.

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