The best song ever

So this is about a girl jade wanting to find her talent and no one thinks she can make it happen intill she meets someone that changes her life and will she choose making her dreams come true or will she falling in love and she doesn't know it so find out what jade does will she make her dream come true or will she find true love instead ???


2. chapter 2

At the diner-

(Jase pov)

Ok so all 6 of us walked into Wendy's and we ordered some really weird food. Like I had know idea what jade got but I think she got a baconator fries which that what I got.and the other girls got some chicken nuggets.while Patrick got a I asked jade if she could find us some seats and she said sure.i always had a good friendship with her and when I hung around her I feel different.also I think she feels the same way when she around me.jade is my best friend as a girl and I think she said I am her best friend as a guy. Ok I now need to snap out of my memory. So as soon as we got our food I sat across from jade like I always do.and Patrick sat beside jade,which they are not "dating".just friends like me and her.and Emily sat beside me and beside Emily was Kaitlyne and Chloe.before Patrick Chloe Emily and Kaitlyne sat down.

jade was across the table from I decide to be a mean friend to splash water at her which she hated drove her crazy when I would do it to her,but end the end I could always get a laugh out of her.when she laughed if was really cute.she was so immbarest when she would laugh out when I flick the water at her when she wasn't looking she felt the water hit her and she yelled.(JASE-MICHEAL-BROWN).the way she said it was really funny.I would always laugh when she would say that.after I was done laughing she flick the water back at me and she hit me in the face and got my face wet. I then yelled at her and said (JADELYNN-ROSA-ISACC).after I said her name,her face would turn a cherry red.and it was really funny when her face would turn that color.i hope that jade finds someone that loves her perfect little self like I like her.


Sorry for a very little chapter!!so do you think that Jase really has a crush on jade or is just feelings for her as a friend.maybe he does , maybe he doesn't just have to find out.also in the next chapter they guys and girls have a band called ( cloud forest). And jade wrote most of the songs in their band she was the one who created it anyway after her favorite band one direction.

Also some of the songs I wrote my self and she are by artist.

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