The best song ever

So this is about a girl jade wanting to find her talent and no one thinks she can make it happen intill she meets someone that changes her life and will she choose making her dreams come true or will she falling in love and she doesn't know it so find out what jade does will she make her dream come true or will she find true love instead ???


1. chapter 1

(Hey) everyone so this story is about a girl named jade finding her dreams. so if you are wondering why their is one direction ,on the front is that ,someone from the band helps jades dream happen who do you think it is?also jade is a fan of one direction.and jade is 19 and she is in high school and she's about to go to collage and she is trying to find her dream on what she wants to be in life will she reach her goal or will it all crash down find out and see what happens#and also if you like this story please tell me and follow me on Instagram my name is (timberlynjadedalton. )

So on with the story ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Jades P.O.V.:

So I had a month left in till I was out of this horrible school.i really didn't like it here because I never fit in here. I only have five friends their names are ( Jase Brown18,Kaitlyne Russell 17,Emily Hanson 18 Patrick Burring 16,Chloe Morgan 19). Well you could say Chloe was kind of popular but she didn't take her popularity that far she always hung out with us.which I was glad that Chloe chose us instead of the popular kids.

So I was just setting at lunch out in the gym watching Jase play basketball like I always done.Which Jase and I were really close like brother sister close.We always picked on each other but we really cared about each other.So while watching Jase play basketball I was going threw my phone looking at my Instagram account: and I saw that the boys from one direction had just went back on tour and was in America. I always wanted to meet the boys in person but that was never going to happen.while looking at these really cute five boys I saw something about Liam Payne: that he just broke up with his girl friend Lilly and was having a hard time with the break up.


Also Lilly is just a made up character that I made up.also the other boys will have a girlfriend too.the only ones that are single are Liam and Niall.while the others have girls. Like louis will have a girl friend named Brittany. Zayn girlfriend name is ally and harry girlfriend is luna. Which their all made up too.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~jades pov

So like I said Liam broke up with Lilly,the reason why he broke up with her is because she was using him for his money and he found out that she did and he had kicked her out.I feel so bad for Liam right now I bet he is heart broken right now.While thinking about Liam I heard a voice come from the back of me saying

"Jade are you ok"can you hear me jade.hello earth to jade ,can't you see me ?"

Yes Jase,I can see you.What do you want ?

"Well I was wondering what you were day dreaming about.also we have to go to class now."

Jase,I wasn't day dreaming.I was thinking about something.And if I told you, would just walk off.also I am ready to go to class now thanks for getting my mind back in my head for me .

"Your welcome,what are best friends for.also what is the thing you were thinking about was it me again."

No Jase, it wasn't you that I was thinking about it was a guy from one direction that just broke up with his girlfriend.

"Ok you know I don't like them so I am staying out of this.ok jade?"

That's fine Jase,we should catch up to Chloe,Kaitlyne,Emily and ok.well we all had class with each Jase and I walked out of the gym with his hands in the way me and Jase aren't dating we are more like brother and sister and we want to keep it that way. So Jase and I headed to math with our other friends.

While in math Jase sat beside me,like he always does which I think is cute.And next to Jase was Patrick,he is Jase's closest friend that is a guy and on my other side was Kaitlyne,Emily and Chloe.Jase and Kaitlyne never really got a long they always fought we each other.which Jase has a nick name for which he calls her ( ugly).also haha her nick name from Jase is kind of funny ,but it is also rude. I had told him to be nice to her. He did listen because he was a good friend. So back where I was.-------me and my friends where talking about are math and how crazy it was.which our teacher was a mean lady her name was mrs.bottom bush.well her name is really funny but she is really this one time she game me and Jase lunch detention for helping each other with our math and she told us we are not suppose to help each other and so she sent us u know where,Jase and I the that was crap for sending us to detention for helping each other on are once we got out of school.i asked my friends something while heading out of the school.

Hey what do you guys want to do?

I don't know jade,Emily said.

yay same idea,Jase and Kaitlyne said at the same time.

Well we could go grab something to eat or we could to somewhere and play our music.

Well I think we should go eat first and the go play ok jade,Emily told me.

I think that sounds like a great idea.

Thanks Jase,I know I always have the best ideas.

Don't be such a smart pants emily,Chloe told her.

"I know Chloe."

Just saying,Emily stated.

Ok guys lets just go eat now then we we'll go play our music.


So that's chapter 1. people so tell me what you think and please like it and tell me how I next chapter bring it on !!! Love you guys . Also the teachers mrs bottom bush she is only going to be in the first few chapters as the math teacher also their are other teacher and more people I will add to this book but I don't want to get to carry awayed .

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