Spell of the Vampire A novel

Sixteen year old Joe Campbell, a new person in the city of Davison Falls, meets a new group of teenagers who prefer the night time to day light. When several people in town are bitten on the neck, he decides that vampires are responsible.

The new Young Adult horror novel by Robert Helliger.


2. The Cemetery



Evelyn Chambers, ​fifteen, gazed at the old cemetery gates. She looked at the rotting graves. "Rory! Rory!", she yelled. Rory Chambers, fourteen, looked out for Charles Robertson, the new Caretaker. He was drunk. The smell of fresh beer wafted across the cold, muddy, ground; the smell was mixed with death. Evelyn, who wore a black dress, walked down the grey pathway. They saw a key was lying on the hard ground. Evelyn gripped it, and opened the cemetery gates. Once she walked in, Rory followed her inside. 


Evelyn walked towards the graves. 

"Maybe the vampires are here", Rory said. 

"Maybe", Evelyn stated. 

"If there're vampires here, they have to die". Rory gripped a hammer in his right hand. "We have to use a stake to kill the dead", he told her. "I have one", Evelyn added. She crossed along the threshold. The eerie mist caused her to panic; the mist, which came from the north, rattled her. Rory, who was eager to attack the monsters that dwelled there, saw one of the graves lift upward. Rotting hands gripped the edge of the black grave. When the topsoil was brushed aside, Rory stared at the vampire. "​Get the Holy Water and garlic now​", he yelled. Then, after the vampire touched his left hand, he screamed in terror. When its red eyes gazed at him, Rory backed away. Then he was bitten on the neck three times by the vampire's sharp fangs, as blood dripped down his thick neck. Evelyn grabbed the stake in her right hand. When she grabbed it, and forced it into the vampire, it lurched away from her. And, as it died, the horror of what happened took its toll on her.

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