Spell of the Vampire A novel

Sixteen year old Joe Campbell, a new person in the city of Davison Falls, meets a new group of teenagers who prefer the night time to day light. When several people in town are bitten on the neck, he decides that vampires are responsible.

The new Young Adult horror novel by Robert Helliger.


4. Karen's night



Karen ​saw them.

The vampires.

She screamed. Four of them were pale. "Good evening, Karen", Brad Alexander said. It had short, black hair, red eyes, and tall; it wore a black coat to keep it warm. It moved in its black boots. "Leave me alone. I never told...", she said. "​You told the new human boy; you told him about vampires​". Karen shook her head. "Alison was anaemic. She lacked blood. Jake...", she said. Brad shook its head. "They were invited because she was sick. It happens all of the time", it stated. She backed away. Then she drove away towards Joe's house, and she hoped, (and prayed), that she wouldn't be too late as the evening wore on.


Joe was doing the dishes when he saw Karen's car. He stopped watching the window. "Karen!", he said. He dried his hands on a red towel, then opened the front door. "Karen! What's the matter?​", he asked her. "It's the vampires; they're real Joe". He shook his head. "Real! I saw one of them almost die in my bed", he said. He didn't think that he was scared too much until tonight. "Some of them live in daylight; some of them live by night time", Karen informed him. "So, Davison Falls is rife with the undead?", Joe asked her. "This house was owned by J. Ray Marks, III in 1904. It was built on a cemetery that was overflowing with the dead bodies by 1905. Now, in October of 2017, the dead have returned. It's a curse". Martha stared at her. "My God, is it true", she said. "Yes...", Karen added. And then she broke down, and cried.

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