Spell of the Vampire A novel

Sixteen year old Joe Campbell, a new person in the city of Davison Falls, meets a new group of teenagers who prefer the night time to day light. When several people in town are bitten on the neck, he decides that vampires are responsible.

The new Young Adult horror novel by Robert Helliger.


5. Epilogue


Joe ​and Martha shuddered with fear. 

"We've only been here for a night", he said.

"I know that", Martha told her son.

 "I think we should leave tomorrow", Joe stated. 

"No, we have to leave now", Martha said. Suddenly they heard the sound of the front door ringing. Joe opened the door. 

It was Karen.

"We need to go, Joe. Martha". 

And the three of them headed away from the vampire's house before they attacked them.


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