Spell of the Vampire A novel

Sixteen year old Joe Campbell, a new person in the city of Davison Falls, meets a new group of teenagers who prefer the night time to day light. When several people in town are bitten on the neck, he decides that vampires are responsible.

The new Young Adult horror novel by Robert Helliger.


3. Dinner



Joe shook his head. 

"Everything is weird here, Mom", he said. Martha shook her head. She stared out of the window. They put the pizza cutter on the huge dining table. Knives and forks were on plates. By six-thirty pm, there was a knock on the front door. "I'll get it", Joe said. He smiled at a teenage girl. "Hello. I don't know you. I'm Karen Thomas". Joe saw the ​Davison Falls Pizza​ blue T-shirt. "I'm Joe. Mom and I just moved in today". Karen nodded. "Be careful of the vampires", she said. 

"There was an anaemic girl who needed a blood transfusion. Her name was Alison Gorton. She was with her brother, Jake". 

"A lot of teenagers are vampires", Karen said. She shook her head. She took out two large Mexican pizzas, two garlic breads, and 1.25 litre of Coke. "Here you go, Joe". He nodded. Martha walked towards her. "Hello, I'm Martha", she said. "Karen. If you need to the app, you can get pizza easier". Joe laughed. "Sure, I can do that with my I-phone. Mom bought the pizza since tonight is the first time here". Karen nodded. "I have to go. I'll see you soon, Joe. Good bye!". Joe nodded. "Good bye, Karen". She drove away in her blue 2010 Mazda, and headed to the store.


"Mom, do you think there's vampires in town?", Joe asked her.

"No. But that girl was sick", Martha answered him.

"She was fine after the blood transfusion", Joe said. 

"Let's eat dinner before it's cold". 

And they laughed nervously...and ate their dinner in silence.

"No. Some kids are lacking 



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