Spell of the Vampire A novel

Sixteen year old Joe Campbell, a new person in the city of Davison Falls, meets a new group of teenagers who prefer the night time to day light. When several people in town are bitten on the neck, he decides that vampires are responsible.

The new Young Adult horror novel by Robert Helliger.


1. Davison Falls



Joe Campbell gazed out of the glass window of the black 1998 van. "Mom, do we have to go to Davison Falls? It's not New York", he said. Martha Campbell, forty-eight, shook her head. "New York's too expensive", she said. She glared at the heavy traffic. Then, as she reached Franklin Road, she saw a large sign that read: "​DAVISON FALLS-EIGHT MILES​". Joe, who had short, black hair, hazel eyes, and average height, watched the gothic looking house; he saw a little girl on a swing. She smiled at him. She was rather pale looking, as if her parents hadn't fed her at all; she smiled at Joe, as she swung in a black dress. "Hello. I'm Alison Gorton". Martha stopped driving. As they took off their seatbelts, Joe opened the passenger-side door. "I'm Joe Campbell. This is my mom, Martha. We just arrived here". Alison grinned. "My parents are asleep". She grinned at him. "It's three o'clock pm". Alison jumped off the swing. Then she spoke. "They come out at night-time". And Joe shivered, as he headed towards the black porch, and let his mother open up the front door with a key.



Joe looked at the girl. 

"If you want to eat something, you can come into our house, Alison". She looked at him. 

"You have to invite me in", she said. Joe thought hard. 

"I invite you into my house". Alison nodded. Suddenly she collapsed onto the hard ground. "Mom, we need a doctor", Joe said. Alison's voice changed. "​Blood...I need blood...I...​". And she watched Martha scream. And all she saw was darkness. "Call the doctor", Joe said. Martha dialled 9-1-1. When she gave them the address, she waited for the paramedics to arrive. But, as they did so, a tall, pale, boy arrived. "Is Alison here. I'm Jake Gorton. Her brother". Joe shivered. "I'm Joe. And this is Martha, my mom. We just moved here". Jake nodded. "There's been a lot of families moving here lately. Some leave after a month...or two". He smiled at him. "You're like a vampire", he said. Jake grinned. "Not all vampires live in the dark". He had short, black hair, hazel eyes, and tall; he gazed at the bedroom window. "Alison! It's Jake!". She peered outside the window. "You have to invite him, Joe; you have to". Joe blinked his eyes. Then the wailing sirens blared outside. "The paramedics are here", Martha stated. Joe looked around. "Are you alright, Alison?", he asked her. "The sun! I loathe the sun! It burns my eyes; it burns my eyes!", she screamed. Joe closed the yellow curtains. "Is that better, Alison?", he asked her. "Yes", she answered him. And Jake spoke. "You never invited me", he said. "You're invited", Martha said. He smiled at her. Then, as two paramedics arrived on the scene, Jake said: "Sister, it's fine". Then, as the paramedics checked on the strange girl, Joe noticed they were pale as well. ​"She's lacking blood. It's a rare medical condition that needs to be addressed​". Joe shook his head. He blinked his eyes, as he thought: They're vampires! They're vampires! They're vampires...​, he said to himself. Suddenly Martha added: "Blood". They nodded. "She's anaemic. She needs a blood transfusion", the second paramedic stated. "And what about their parents?", Joe asked them. "They're asleep", the first paramedic answered. Joe shook his head. "So, will she be well?". They nodded. Jake smiled at them. "I'll talk to my parents. After you've given my sister the blood, she'll sleep better. Thank you Joe for the invite". And he waited until a needle was in her right arm. Once the blood seeped into her body, she rose up from Joe's bed. And she seemed to feel better than before after several hours. Suddenly Joe waited. Alison stared at Jake. "Mom will be here", she said. She slowly raised her back. "I'm better now". Martha gazed at him. By eleven o'clock am, the two vampires smiled. "We have to go", Alison said. And they headed out of the house...and walked towards the other house that was near the ancient cemetery.



Martha paid the paramedics. "Thank you", the first paramedics said. Joe watched them leave. Then he spoke: "We'll get pizza tonight", he said. She nodded. Suddenly a thick, grey, fog descended on the town. Joe focused on his bedroom. A chill crept through his body. He ignored the freezing thoughts of the dead. They had invited vampires into their house. The idea of vampires roaming around Davison Falls filled him with horror. Joe sensed someone was watching him. He turned around. It was Martha. "Creepy, isn't it", she said. Joe felt his heart beat faster; Martha smiled. "Look, there's no such thing as vampires". She hugged her son. Then she left him alone, before dinner arrived.





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