Halloween Town Book Three A novel

When The Drifter returns to Halloween Town, he encounters all kinds of people who have their own agendas.

The second sequel to Halloween Town.


1. The Drifter returns to Halloween Town


The Drifter walked back to Halloween Town. He saw several people putting up orange pumpkins in wicker baskets; he gazed at the African-American witch. "What's going on here?", he asked her. "Celebrating Halloween, cowboy?", she asked him...and laughed. "I'm a drifter. Halloween Town is where I belong". The witch, who was six foot tall, gazed at the children who were dressed up as other witches. "Helpers?", the drifter asked her. "Yes, they are. They'll be trick r' treating tonight from 5pm to 8:00 pm. I'm Shona", she answered. The Drifter nodded. "Ian". Shona nodded. "Hello, Ian", she said. She saw an eight year old girl holding a pumpkin in her right hand. It was heavy. The Drifter saw a brown table nearby. "I'll take that there. It's too heavy for you". The girl nodded. "I'm Terri". The Drifter smiled. "Ian. I'm a drifter". Terri smiled. "Mom and Dad are Clint Eastwood fans". He looked at her. "So am I". And she smiled, as she...as well as Shona...prepared to work on the Halloween decorations before darkness arrived.

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