Halloween Town Book Three A novel

When The Drifter returns to Halloween Town, he encounters all kinds of people who have their own agendas.

The second sequel to Halloween Town.


4. The Drifer has a drink in the Saloon


The Drifter headed to the Saloon. Cowboys and cowgirls saw him. "Howdy?", a man asked him. He smiled at him. "Howdy! There's a rumour that there's a drifter in town", the man answered him. The Drifter nodded. "There's a lot of people who are scared here. But the Saloon is safe. I'm Kevin". The Drifter nodded. "Ian. I had a run-in with the Sheriff before...and left". Kevin smiled. "I hear the children are scared of a warlock named Michael Harris Gold". The Drifter looked at the cemetery. "A warlock", Ian said. "Yeah, someone who has a lot of magical powers. I have to tell Marcie, my wife, about it. My son, Richard, is going to enjoy Halloween tonight". And the Drifter headed towards the bar...and ordered a beer.

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