Halloween Town Book Three A novel

When The Drifter returns to Halloween Town, he encounters all kinds of people who have their own agendas.

The second sequel to Halloween Town.


2. Shona


Shona smiled at the other girls. "Okay, I want the vampires over by the fireplace...and the ghouls by the old cemetery. Terri, how are the decorations coming along?", she asked her. "They're by Miss Carole's house. She's a real witch, you know". Shona answered. She wore a black dress, black socks, and black shoes on her feet. "Terri, can I have some help with the pumpkins?", Rhonda Clement, who was nine, said. "Yes, okay". She saw six pumpkins. "They move at night time", Rhonda stated. "Move; how do they move?", Terri said. "The Old Witch of Halloween Town always curses everyone on October 31". Shona, who had overheard their conversation, smiled. "Curses don't work". She grinned, then headed to the office, and resumed her work.


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