Halloween Town Book Three A novel

When The Drifter returns to Halloween Town, he encounters all kinds of people who have their own agendas.

The second sequel to Halloween Town.


6. Epilogue


By 6:00 PM, all of the children of Halloween Town were trick r' treating. Orange pumpkins lay on the white porches of homes; cotton candies were put into wicker baskets, as they put flaming candles in the pumpkins. The lights were turned on, as Richard and Cara, noticed the iron black cemetery gates were open. Then, as they were prepared to use the spell book to get rid of the warlock's body, other teenagers in cars kissed each other. They were dressed in scary costumes, as Richard spoke. "​Michael Harris Gold, Warlock of Halloween Town, I command you to not rise on Halloween...​". And, seconds later, black plumes of smoke arrived. As the children screamed, the warlock's body rose from the dead. "​You won't stop me, children of the Night​". 

"Let's go, Cara", he shouted. 

And, as they ran away from the ancient cemetery, the Warlock laughed. 

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