Every day in the cafeteria, he'd throw a football to his friends, and never seemed to look in her direction.

Every day in the cafeteria, he noticed her and hoped he'd find a reason to talk to her.


3. Chapter Two

Hadley's POV 

I hurried to class the next day, trying hard to hold on to all of my books. Jesse came up to me a grabbed a handful of my textbooks and began to walk with me. 

"So," He said. "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine," I said and turned a corner, him trailing behind me

"I hope so." He stated and stopped in front of the door to my class.

"I'm here to talk ya know?" He said and I nodded. Jesse was sweet, and I felt bad for being so rude to him all the time. He always talked to me no matter what I did or said, and he was really caring about me. 

"Yeah, I'm sorry I've been acting like this lately," I said and he smiled. 

"It's okay. I'm always here." He said and opened his arms. I laughed and hugged him, pulling away with the sound of the bell. He was tall, and he had medium dark brown hair, that was always pushed back.

I walked into my English class and sat down in the back, not feeling like participating. I winced every time I sat down, the football from yesterday left a bruise. I looked forward, pulling out my notebook and jotting down whatever I could catch the teacher saying.

"I was told to make everyone do an exercise, to slow down your heart rate. Everyone stand up please." I frowned, knowing my back would be in serious pain. 

I bit my lip hard when I stood up to try and ignore the pain and looked over to see Louis staring at me.

I raised an eyebrow and finished the exercise. We sat down and the rest of the class was notes.

I was about to lean onto the floor to grab my books when I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"Here it's alright I got it." He said and I shook my head.

"No it's ok," I said but he already picked them up and had them tightly in his arms. I looked at his face and saw a bright and happy Louis staring at me. 

"I got it," I said and he shook his head.

"No, it's no problem. Where's your next class I'll walk with you." He said and I sighed knowing he wouldn't let me go without helping me somehow. 

"Uh, history." He understood where I was going and walked beside me. 

"So how are you?" He asked

"Not really in the mood of talking if you don't mind," I said and he looked down at his dark blue shoes. 

"Um yeah, that's okay." He said and I stared straight ahead, walking with no concern about him whatsoever.

We walked by Jason who howled, for some odd reason that no one could figure out and Louis elbowed him.

"My man what's- wait why are you walking with her?!" He asked, and a girl from the cafeteria walked up to me and pushed me a bit. 

"Lindsay stop, and because I can is there a problem?" He asked and they all rolled their eyes.

"Sorry." He whispered and I rolled my eyes, walking into my class and taking my books without saying anything.

"I guess bye then?" Louis said and I shrugged and watched his figure walk out and go down the hallway. 


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