Every day in the cafeteria, he'd throw a football to his friends, and never seemed to look in her direction.

Every day in the cafeteria, he noticed her and hoped he'd find a reason to talk to her.


4. Chapter Three

Hadley's POV

 The day finally ended and I walked over to my locker, grabbing my bag and beginning to walk out the door. Jesse walked up next to me and took my bag. "Wanna go to Patty's?" He asked. Patty's was the one place everyone in the school went. Typical little diner, pretty typical people, and foods."Sure," I said. We began walking and I heard someone walking close behind us.

"Hey, Hadley and guy," Louis said looking at him. "What," I said bluntly. He looked at my bag on Jesse's shoulder. "I'll take that." He said and swung it around his left arm. "Hey!" He said and I opened my mouth to speak when I was cut off."Come let's go to Patty's." He said and I shook my head.

"Already going with Jesse," I said and he laughed. "Come on go with him tomorrow. Besides, I need help with history and you're good so please!". "Hah no." I laughed and continued walking. He walked in front of me and was a bit too close. "Please." I looked at Jesse who shrugged. "Fine whatever. Only if you want." "Fine." I looked at Louis. He grinned and opened the door to his car.

"Thanks, Jess." He said. "Jesse." He corrected. "I'm sorry, see you tomorrow?" I said quickly and kissed his cheek, and turned to Louis who was looking at him with blank eyes. "Okie dokie," Louis said and opened the door to his car. 

I got in and put on my seatbelt. He jumped in beside me and began driving quickly.

"Seatbelt," I said and he rolled his eyes, driving faster. He was at about 70 MPH on the main road, and I was absolutely terrified. I grabbed his arm without thinking, which was tense, and he looked down. "Slow down! Please!" I said and let go of his arm quickly. He looked over once more and released the gas pedal. I sighed, as we slowed down to a 30. 

"Thank you." 

We pulled into the parking lot, and I got out of the car, pleased to be standing on steady ground. 

We sat at a booth in the corner, and no one seemed to be around. 

"Burger, fries and a shake please," He said to the waiter. She nodded and looked at me. 

"Just water," I said and Louis looked at me.

"She'll have fries too." 
"No. I'm fine." 

He looked at the waiter and smiled, she nodded, knowing to still bring them.

"Why aren't you eating?" He asked.

"I don't want to," I said and he laughed a little.

"Whatever suits you love." He said and I rolled my eyes at how obnoxious he was. 

"So." He said, smiling at me from across.

"Nope," I replied.

"Oh love, please note I'm trying to make conversation." He stated clearly, and I laughed,

"I don't know why you're so obsessed with me," I said and he raised an eyebrow. 

"What are you-"
"No. Listen. I don't want to talk to you. I don't want your pity. You're probably an okay person but I am not trying to make new friends!" I exclaimed and everyone around looked at us. I looked down and grabbed my bag. "Please leave me alone." 

He looked down, and I stood up. 

"Sorry," I said and stopped for a second, before shaking my head and beginning to walk out the door. I was outside when I heard the bell on the door ding and footsteps behind me.

"Did you no-" 

"Just listen to me! I want to be with you. Not because of pity or whatever I don't even know. I want to be with you because you're you. I have wanted to be with you for so long now it's incredible. Of course I never had the guts."

I ignored his innocent words and grabbed my phone and found Jesse's contact. I called and ignored Louis' cries as he told me he was coming.

He caught up to me and I turned around quickly.

"Leave me alone Louis! Please!" I yelled and heard Jesse's car swerve into the lot. I quickly got in and looked from the rearview window to see him throwing his bag on the ground.

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