Every day in the cafeteria, he'd throw a football to his friends, and never seemed to look in her direction.

Every day in the cafeteria, he noticed her and hoped he'd find a reason to talk to her.


2. Chapter One

I walked into the cafeteria on Monday morning tired and stressed from work the day before. I sighed and sat down, my so called friends sitting next to me.

“So what’s up?” They asked.

“Nothing really. I’m not in the mood of talking” I said to Jesse, the guy of the group. He raised his eyebrows and smiled down at his plate.

I rolled my eyes and groaned, not wanting to eat the food I bought. I got up and threw it away. I turned around and suddenly felt pressure on my back, I turned around and placed my hand on the spot in pain, glancing at the football it was caused by. I looked up and saw Louis and his friend Harry along with a couple other guys and the girls with them staring at me.

One of the guys, Jason, threw it at me purposely. Louis shoved him and stood up. Everyone there began to laugh, and that’s when I noticed the tears falling from my face. I looked at them in disgust and grabbed my books. I ran out the back door, crying. And no, I’m not sensitive. I had a trashy night and day and that made me break.

I walked to my car and heard footsteps behind me.

I walked faster and got in, crying against the steering wheel.

“Hey!” I heard someone say and looked out the window to a frowning Louis.

“Leave me alone!” I started the car. He ran to the other side and got in.

“What the hell get out!” I yelled.

“Uh no. What’s wrong?” He tried to take my hands. I pulled away and looked out the window drying my tears.

“Nothing just go.” I said.

“I saw what happened I was right there. I’m sorry.” He said and pulled a tissue out of his pocket. I took it and wiped my tears.


“Hey it’s not my fault.”

“You and them are the same. Jocks who care about two things, football and their selves. I’m not interested in your apologies or problems. Please, leave.” I said and he looked at me once more before slowly getting out. I sped away without looking back.

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