1. Scarves


"I know you hate him, but just hear what I have to say." Hermione sighed, looking over to her best friend as they stood on the bridge at Hogwarts.

"No." Harry said shortly, turning away from her.

There was an long silence in which they both stared off into the distance, each wrapped in their own thoughts. After a while, the brunette spoke up again. "You weren't meant to catch me wearing his scarf. We mixed them up when we were leaving this mor-"

The Chosen One cut her off. "Leaving where?" He asked sternly.

Hermione looked at him in astonishment. "The Library! We were talking in there all night, he…we've been friends for a while now. And I- I'm sorry I didn't tell you before, but I knew you'd take it this way." She placed a hand on his arm gently, causing him to look at her finally. "Do you trust me?"

Harry looked her over for a second, gaze lingering on the scarf briefly before he met her eyes. "Of course, but I don't trust him."

"I'm not asking you to." She responded in a soft whisper, kissing his cheek. She then walked off, patting his shoulder as she moved away from him, leaving him to consider her words, knowing he would.

She didn't know how it started or how it would end, but she knew that Draco Malfoy and her were now friends. He was not as bad as he had always seemed. He had explained things to her in a drunken state when she found him wandering around the 2nd floor corridors during her prefect rounds one night.

Being the prat he was, Hermione was determined to help him as if he were anyone else. So she had taken him to the Room of Requirement and fixed him up. He  then did something she had never expected; he confided in her.

After having fell asleep on the couch the magical room provided, Hermione covered him in a blanket and left. Evidentially, the Slytherin Prince had remember some of the nights events.

A few days later he pulled her—by the wrist—into an empty classroom, slamming the door behind them. She tried to speak, but he silenced her with a slight raising of his voice, telling her that if she repeated anything he had told her, they'd both be in trouble; her even moreso. She didn't know if that was a threat or not, but she figured it probably was.

From there, they had kept on seeing each other in secret, developing a friendship never thought possible.

But they'd mixed up their scarves that morning after spending time studying together in a dark corner of the library and when Hermione saw Harry—thank Merlin Ron was not around, he'd have killed her, then Draco, and then her again—he had given her the funniest and most concerned look. What else could she do but explain?

Change was coming to Hogwarts once again. A change nobody ever would have seen coming or have thought could be.

And because of a scarf, a Slytherin scarf, his scarf.

|| Eh. Based off this gif (yet again) that I found and modified. Not my best work, but I like it a bit. What do you think? :) ||

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