to lose (verb) and to love (verb) someone

Every human on earth will soon or late get to know, how it feels to lose someone they love.


1. 'You don't know what you love untill you lose it'


'You don't know what you love untill you lose it'


This quote is my favorite quote.

You're probably wondering why?

Well, not because it's motivating.

Not because it gives me confidence,

or faith in that there is any hope for me and my future..


This is my favorite quote, because it's the truth I've always been fearing.

Because these words are destroying me.

Because it feels like these words are burning my hope and soul to ashes.

Because these words make me feel weak.

And because it's all that I never wanted to admit. 




You evil creature,

that settled in my heart.

You blinded me.

You blinded me, stole my heart and my trust.

You made me fragile.

And then one day, 

you were gone.

All in a sudden.

And all that was left behind was me and my broken heart.


I slowly regained my sight.

I slowly started to see, what damage you had done to my life.

To my life that felt whole with you in it

and would collapse without you in it.


It had collapsed.

Atleast I thought it had,

but I simply just had to find a way,

to make things work without you,

and this felt like a puzzle I would never be able to collect.


You evil creature, 

thank you for leaving me,

thank you for making me feel like I lost you,

for making me feel like i lost the one thing that held my life together,

because this was the only way you could make me realise,

how much you mean to me,

and how much I love you.

And yes,

after all,

i still love you.


You can destroy my life.

You can break every singe bone in my body.

You can shatter my heart, 

set it on fire,

and blow away the ashes,

but you can't ever take away my love for you.


Evil, loved creature, 

I thought it mattered, that you weren't around me anymore.

I thought it mattered, that I couldn't hold you every singe day.

But I realized,

that you can't lose someone you love,

because you will always carry them with you in your mind and heart.


I won't ever lose you, 

because I love you..




no matter what.



 - Silke

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