long distance love? how about another country love.

an online love was created, but could it be destroyed by the wronging of people?


1. meeting him

Can rain be a song? The thumping against the concrete, the slow humming of the wind, and the trees swaying back and forth like a paintbrush on paper. Im listing to the song of nature. Beautiful right? Dark and a beautiful melody to go along with it. I stood up on my feet and felt myself walking but couldn't acknowledge it, it was like i was numb. I found myself going to my bed. I heard the rain thumping against my bedroom window. My lamp was on, making a light glow in my room. My bed was soft, almost like feathers. While i layed on my bed, i thought of all of today. Today had been the worst of days. Drama, family, and even lies.


I took my phone out, scrolling through all my notifications. Texts...facebook..

All of the things that could start trouble. I went to my notification settings and turned off facebook and my texts. Who needs those notifications anyway? Not me.  My eyes landed on my app store. when , i clicked on the icon, there was an ad. “Highrise” an online social game. That should be interesting. Quickly, it downloaded.

I made an account and had made my character. Brown hair, black coal eyes, and some odd outfit. Entering the game at first was a whole bunch of tutorials. Dreary. After the tutorials were over, i went to a room called “nightclub” there was tons of other avatars. I saw tons of magical characters. Even their bios were intriguing but their was one, that enlightened me the most. Jake. he was from the UK.

His bio and posts were sad. dull. Heartbreaking.

Swiftly, i messaged him.



me(secret girl1) are you ok?


me(secret girl1) your posts. Their all sad and heartbreaking.

jake(jake###) no, i'm not okay.

me(secret girl1) do you wanna talk about it?

jake(jake###) you wouldnt understand

me(secret girl1) you could still try explaining. I know why we don't know each other,but i care.

jake(jake###) my parents. They are abusive. My father is an abusive drunk and all my mom does is watch and never does anything. Why do you care anyway?

me(secret girl 1) wow i'm sorry. They shouldn't do that to a child. Ever. i care because, i just do.

jake(jake###) you're the first person to care. :( you're different.

me(secret girl1) i think everyone should care. I guess i am different. Is that good or bad?

jake(jake###) good. What's your name?

me(secret girl1) it's a secret.

jake(jake###) oh okay. My name is jake.

me(secret girl1) i know, jake. I'm here for you by the way. If you ever need to talk.

jake(jake###) thank you. I gotta go! Ill talk later.


End of conversation.



Human beings should never be abused by anybody or anyone. Its wrong. Hurtful. I felt bad for jake. He seemed so hurt and broken.he was like a plate, that fell to the ground and shattered. Only thing was, you could tape the tape or glue the plate back together, but it wouldn't be the same. I felt tears prickling in my eyes. How could someone do that to there own kid? Their own flesh and blood.  He shouldn't of ever have to deal with such abuse.nobody should deal with it. I barely even know him, but it seems like i've known him forever.

I backed out of highrise and went into my kitchen. My family was watching a movie. I saw all the smiles and laughter, but then jake came in my mind. He doesn't have this and i wish i could give it to him somehow.

Sometimes i wonder how my family can smile and laugh when theirs lies and people who do cruel situations.

Maybe that's their way of coping.



Days had went by and all i could think about was jake and how he was doing. How he was coping. I would walk down my school hallways. I could feel myself walking but i couldn't acknowledge it. My only focus was jake. The guy. Who's been abused. Damaged. Hurt and never has been loved.

As the days went by, i couldn't help but look at all the bullies, and pickers. The way they looked, when they abused other kids. The devilish smirks they made. It was like a game to them. A nasty and abusive game. I would think. “they shouldn't do all this bad stuff. Especially when they dont know whats going on in that person's life”

Then jake came to my head. Did anyone ever try to help him? Probably not. It made me mad and got me in a impossible despicable  mood.




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