The Murky Depths of Terror A novel

When a monster attacks an underground laboratory in 1955 causing nuclear radiation to spill into the lake, everyone tries to catch it before it attacks again.

The new science fiction book by Robert Helliger.


3. The monster-Pheonix, Arizona-1955



​Beth shook her head. As she was writing about the sea monster on her typewriter, she gazed at Orville J. Paine, Jr.'s office door. The old Editor-In-Chief, was pushing fifty-five. He glanced at her. "Are you ready, Beth?", she asked her. "Yes. But, remember, we don't know what ​the monster looks like", Orville answered. She nodded. Randal walked towards them. "A girl was attacked off Abrohet Lake. Her boyfriend's crying his eyes out". Beth nodded. She stared at him. "I've nearly finished", Beth stated. By five-fifty pm, she finished typing. And then she gave it Orville to print. He smiled at her. "Would you like to have dinner at Joe's Restaurant​?", Randal asked her. "Yes", Beth answered him. And he smiled.


​The Restaurant was full of office workers. Beth glanced at the double doors. "The fish and chips are nice", Randal said. Beth laughed. "I bet it is". Randal shook her head. "John Deere and Jane Farrow went to Abrohet Lake. She was attacked by something​". Beth knew them. "Let's eat my our dinner. If the lake is​ radioactive, we need to warn the locals...and tell Orville as well", Beth said. A waitress appeared. "What do you two like?", she asked them. "The fish and chips, please...and two coffees", Randal answered. "It shouldn't be too long. Table 45 is free". They walked towards the white seat, sat down, and resumed their conversation.


​Thomas Robertson, a writer, stared at the newspapers. He ate his steak eagerly. At thirty, he had published ​Weird Creatures of the Deep Waters​ in 1954; he knew what the radioactive labs did in Arizona. The Military and the President knew about the work; they had knew about the monsters like in the 3-D movies at the cinema like Creature from the Black Lagoon​. He glanced at Beth and Randal. ​I wonder what they're doing here​, he thought to himself. He gripped his sharp knife in his right hand...and savoured his dinner.


​Orville smoked a cigarette. The creature story was on page one. He had other publishers laughing at him. He was getting on in age; he was thinking about Victoria. His wife knew that publishing newspapers was long, hard, work; his face was prematurely lined from the stress he was under. And now Beth and Randal were writing about a creature that didn't exist, and had attacked a woman at Abrohet Lake. The lake was deemed so radioactive that only scientists wearing silver or grey suits could explore the edge of the lake without falling into it by accident. He stared at the black watch on his right hand; he grabbed his brown wallet, took his keys, and opened the Office door. He got into his red coloured Plymouth Belvedere. He put on his seatbelt. And then he drove to his home to have dinner with his family.


​Beth saw the waitress. "Here's your coffees. The fish and chips are coming soon". Beth nodded. Randal smiled. "Thank you", he said. And, five minutes' later, the dinner had arrived.


​Thomas finished his steak. He saw the waitress. "Excuse me, can I have some coffee...and some cheesecake?", he asked her. "Of course, Sir", she answered. And she wrote down the order on a white piece of note paper. Then she attended other orders.


​Randal stared at the newspapers. "America is afraid of nuclear radiation. The duck and cover routines are in schools. Families are in underground bunkers, just like they were in World War II. Death in Europe has been replaced by death at home", he said. Beth shivered. "What if the locals are going swimming at Abrohet Lake...and they die?", she asked him. "Then we shut down the town", Randal answered her. And she sighed, then she saw their dinner was served, and they ate in dreaded silence.


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