The Murky Depths of Terror A novel

When a monster attacks an underground laboratory in 1955 causing nuclear radiation to spill into the lake, everyone tries to catch it before it attacks again.

The new science fiction book by Robert Helliger.


2. The First Attacks-Pheonix, Arizona-1955



​The town of Phoenix, Arizona ​was abuzz with news of the sea monster. Beth Campbell gazed at the newspaper; her left hand was sipping a coffee. She wore a grey dress, black socks, and grey shoes on her feet. At twenty-four she was unmarried, and still single. She didn't mind that. She hadn't met a man who she wanted to marry. Beth was a journalist for the Phoenix Times​. As she stared at the traffic of the busy city, she noticed a grainy picture of the monster that had attacked scientists last week on June 7. By seven-thirty am on June 8, 1955, Beth headed to the newspaper's offices near State Road. She finished her coffee. Then she dumped it in the silvery coloured trash bin; she saw Randal Cooper, the Crime Reporter, watching her. "Hear about the monster, Beth?", he asked her. She nodded as by an answer. "Maybe it was a squid", she said. Randal, who was thirty, grinned. "I think not, Beth. Squids don't become a massive monster overnight. The rumour is that it was radioactive before ​the scientists worked on classified materials for the Government". Beth nodded. She didn't know what it was. A squid; a shark; a unknown creature from the deep...! There wasn't any kind of answers to the mystery. Randal lit up a cigarette. "It's a monster. And it's huge​", he said to them. Beth shook her head. "We have to search the murky depths off Abrohet Lake". And Randal they worked on the story before the six o'clock pm deadline arrived.



​Frank Deere smiled. "Jane! Jane!", he yelled at her. She wore a red T-shirt, blue shorts, black socks, and grey shoes. "I'm here, Frank. I was concerned about Dad finding out we're going out on the water". Frank nodded. He didn't believe in sea monsters; he never believed in them at all. Frank wore a black T-shirt, red shorts, black socks, and black shoes on his feet. Jane was about to dive into the water when something bit into her left hand. "Ouch!", she said. Small amounts of blood spilled out of her wound. Then, seconds later, she was dragged into the nuclear radiation Frank screamed for her to come back to him.

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