The Murky Depths of Terror A novel

When a monster attacks an underground laboratory in 1955 causing nuclear radiation to spill into the lake, everyone tries to catch it before it attacks again.

The new science fiction book by Robert Helliger.


5. After dinner-Pheonix, Arizona-1955


"Here's the coffee...and cheesecake", the waitress said. 

"Thank you", Thomas said. He glanced at a young woman eating a beef pie. He smiled at her. She was petite. Her long, black hair fell down her back; her green eyes focused on him. She wore a black dress, silver necklace across her thick neck; black stockings on her legs; and high-heeled shoes. Thomas didn't know her name. She looked about thirty; he didn't know. Once he finished his dinner, Thomas headed to the bar. Then he smiled at her. "Excuse me, shall I buy you a drink after dinner? I'm Thomas". The woman smiled at him. "Yes, please. Some champagne. I'm Della West". And Thomas nodded, as they got to know each other.


Beth smiled. "I've had enough to eat and drink". Randal nodded. As they paid their bill, both of them headed outside. "See you tomorrow". Beth nodded. She hailed a taxi. "Forbes Hill Street please". She got into the passenger-side of the taxi, as Randal closed the door. He walked to his car, then drove towards home.


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