The Murky Depths of Terror A novel

When a monster attacks an underground laboratory in 1955 causing nuclear radiation to spill into the lake, everyone tries to catch it before it attacks again.

The new science fiction book by Robert Helliger.


1. Abrohet Lake-Pheonix, Arizona-Summer 1955


The ​scientist shook his head. He hadn't planned on the restrictions that President Eisenhower enforced. "Professor Holden thinks that we're near the end of the operation". He glanced at Mary Thomas, his assistant. She was dressed in a grey lab suit; she walked in grey shoes on her small feet. "There's been no results concerning deep water activity, Gordon". He sighed. ​Not today; not today!​, Gordon Jenkins said to himself. He wore the Anti-Nuclear Radiation white suit. The idea that the bomb would be going off across Arizona was just a practice run before the fall out happened. 


Suddenly, and unexpectedly, something moved upward out of the murky depths of deep ocean. "W...", Gordon Jenkins was about to utter before the monster came up...and dragged him underneath the water. "Gordon!", Mary yelled. She grabbed onto her white Anti-Nuclear Radiation suit from the grey locker. And, as she put it on, she pressed the red coloured light on. As it blared loudly...Mary left the laboratory, and swam away from danger before it was too late...and she drowned in the raging sea.

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