Mean Girls

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Chastity Willows is new to North Shore High School. But when she meets her worst enemy . . . And has to compete with her . . . Now their high school years will end with drama.


1. Chapter One

Okay, first day of school. Just pick an outfit. No big deal . . .  I thought.

    “Chastity! It’s time to go!” Mom yelled for me. “You're supposed to meet the Guidance Counselor before class!”

    “Chill out Mom! It’s my first day. Give me a minute.” I snapped at her. No pressure. They’ll only judge me the entire year based on what I wear today . . .  I picked out an outfit. A pink shirt with jean shorts with roses on them. I added a light pink purse with it too.

    “Chastity, we need to go!”




“A little agitated this morning, are we?” Mom asked.

“Agitated?” I asked “I'm Terrified.”

“Look honey. It’s a new adventure, us moving out here.” I nodded my head at Mom. “Don’t forget: you’re supposed to meet the counselor at 8.” Mom reminded me. “Please be on time”

“Okay, okay” I shrugged my shoulders.



It was my first day at school. Deep Breath. Okay, Chastity. You’ve survived three years of high school. What's one more? I took another deep breath. I walked into the building and stopped once I was down the main hall. So if that’s room 102 . . . And room 202 is back their, then room 302-

“Are you lost?” A voice startled me. I walked to the boy.

“Is it that obvious?” I asked.

“You know that thing when a house cat escapes then instantly regrets it?” The girl asked me.

“That look is all over you, baby girl” The boy said. Baby Girl? What name is that? Does he like moi? More than friends? Oh god.

“Don’t worry, he’s not hitting on you.” The girl said, as if she could read my thoughts. “I'm Janis by the way and this is my twin Damian” Janis introduced me to her and her twin.

“Fraternal Twins?” I asked shrugging my shoulders.

“Soul sisters.” Damian replied.

“I'm Chastity. I just transferred here.” I said.

“First day? This totally calls for a selfie.” Damian said eagerly. “Janis, how’s my hair?”

“Same as always.” Janis replied with a shrug.

“Perfect!” Damian took a selfie of the 3 of us.

Left -Janis

Middle - Chastity (Moi)

Right - Damian

“Dang new girl,You're really photogenic.” Damian said

“Thanks, you too.” i said returning the compliment. “Could you help me find the GC office?” I asked.

“GC?” Janis asked.

“Honey, we’re the only guidance you're going to need.” Damian said.

“Come” Janis said as we started walking somewhere unknown. “We’ll show you everything you need to know” I thought about it. I might not make it to the office by 8:00

“Maybe at lunch?” I asked.

“Alright goody two-shoes” Janis said with an eyeroll. “Just go to Glen Coco’s back to school party.”

“It’s a ‘can’t miss’ Party” Damian said. Noted I turned and noticed a guy. He was kinda cute. “Helloo! Earth to Chastity”

“Sorry, I kinda zoned out.” I said blushing.

“You were eyeing Micah Bergman” Janis told me. Noted.

“Who is he?” I asked.

“North Shore’s resident drama hunk” Damian filled me in.

“He’s all yours” Janis told me.  “But many have tried, few have succeeded.” I went back to looking for the office then a girl got in my way.

“Hey guys. It’s Karen Smith!” Karen said. “Welcome back to @KarenUncensored streaming to you LIVE from North Shore High School!”

“This is live?” I asked realizing I was in the camera.

“Today I am talking with . . . Who are you?”

“Chastity Willow. I'm new”

“Give us the scoop!”

“Okay. I'm 17. A senior.”

“Why’d you change schools? Did you get kicked out?”

“Yeah, we got in a fight. There were 30 girls”

“We had one last year.” What? I thought.

“I was kidding”



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