My Desire~

*Warning Gayness * <3

“Jaycee was just an ordinary girl but more of an outcast she’s not really one to judge people just because they judge her she knows what’s right and what wrong but sometimes you just have to go with your gut feeling and live a little

That’s one thing was going through her mind as soon as she made her decision to do whatever he says...

Whatever her teacher says”

Jk there’s a huge plot twist! Just wait and see what I have in store for you.

This is the little dream Jackson woke up from... He then knew he didn’t have to question his sexuality He was gay and he was in for a treat when he first met he new “lover “ David James


2. Two~

A/N:*sorry guys tried to publish this chapter the first time but it didn’t save and when I published it, it only put a blank page instead of the chapter I wrote*

I watch him get up and lock the door I stand up as well “Your first task love is to please me if you do I’ll please you to ok?” I smirk and slowly nod my head. I slowly but passionately kiss him letting my tongue explore his mouth. He kisses back pushing his body closer to mine. I started have flash backs to last night in the bathroom of the bar where he was taking control of my body making me want him. I wrap my arms around his neck and I tangled my hands in his soft dark brown locks. I kiss down his neck and slowly taking off his shirt to kiss down his chest.

I hesitated before biting my lip and pulling down his pants along with his briefs. I was now having a full view of his member. He smirks and pushes my head forward making me suck. I gasped at first at his sudden desire but I slowly start sucking him. While sucking him I then stoke the part of his member that couldn’t fit in my mouth(which was quite a lot) I lick all around his dick while sucking him harder then to my sudden movements he continues to moan loudly “Oh fuck Jaycee” he groans my name which makes me smirk

I knew this would be easy. All I have to do is please his sexual needs and I’ll never have to worry about my secret being reviled to anyone. I continue to suck him leaving my thoughts aside to only think about what’s happening now. I suck harder and stroke him faster making him groan louder and louder until his sweet warm cum fills my mouth. I swallowed it whole and he brings me up to kiss him we make out for a while until a familiar bell rings interrupting our moment. He curses and starts putting his clothes on telling me to hide. I hide under his desk knowing there was nowhere else to go

I then hear people walk in and greet each other but it wasn’t students. I could hear it in their voices that they were teachers. Oh fuck. I’m hiding under a desk about to be listening to a private meeting. But why wouldn’t they do it in the conference room where they know they won’t be heard because the room is sound proof. I ignore their weird choice and look at the weird stuff Mr James has under his desk. Like his briefcase is a suit case. I giggle quietly and climb into the brief case just for some fun. I must say it was way more comfortable than the cold floor. I zipper it almost to the end so I have enough air to breathe.

Then I here one man say in a deep voice “I’ll need to use the conference room. “ and then the bag I’m in starts moving I couldn’t tell if it was Mr James because the persons voice was muffled. I then see the zipper open and I look at his hazel eyes staring at me. “I panicked Mr James- I mean sorry David I didn’t know where to go or what to do.” I start rambling but I then look up to see he wasn’t listening. I get out of the suitcase and find he checking me out again. “I promised that I would please you Ms Carter if you pleased me and you did so quite well I might say” I try blush at his words. If I play the part of obeying him I could easily survive with him telling.

I feel his soft plump lips on mine in a slow but passionate motion. He kisses me like he means it and for a millisecond I believed he did but I let those thoughts go and I kiss him back with our tongues exploring each other’s mouth. He does this for another twenty seconds and then swiftly slips off my shirt. I was so into the kiss I didn’t even realize he was rising my shirt up in the first place. He unclips my bra and pulls down my high waisted shorts. I was now naked except for only my panties still being on. “Dance for me now” he says seductively as he sits down.

I thought I was getting pleased I guessed he changed his mind. He eyes my movements as I slowly sway my hips his way. I reach over to him and I sit down on him so I’m facing him I put my legs on either side of him and I slowly start rocking my hips so I’m dry humping him. I kiss his neck leaving him little hickeys. I then stand up and turn around. I do the sexiest dance I could think of and I makes sure to sway my hips. I then feel his hands on my hips he pulls my body closer to him so my ass is in line with his member.

I give him a little lap dance before turning around and pulling him down by his tie to kiss him. He kisses back immediately and I start stripping him. I first untuck his shirt unbuttoning it. He takes it off and let’s me take off his pants. He slowly starts to take off my panties as I take off his briefs. He whispers in my ear “Bend over the desk love,don’t worry it’ll feel good” I smile and do as he says I bend over the desk letting my ass be fully exposed. He smirks before sticking one finger in my ass with no warning. I moan at the slight pain but I soon feel just pleasure as he moves in and out. He sticks two more fingers in making me moan more he chuckles “Let me fist you. Now.” I nod and moan as he starts fisting me I couldn’t even imagine how good it would feel if he was inside of me.

As if he was reading my mind he automatically thrusts into my ass. I feel so much pain. This was not what I was expecting he felt so big inside me. He moves slowly rocking his hips in a steady motion I moan no longer feeling pain but only pleasure. I move my ass back trying to feel more of him inside of me. He gets my message and moves faster and faster I moan louder “David oh David ugh fuck this feels so good” I then here him grunt and moan at me “You’re so fucking tight love oh shit” I moan louder I’m about to scream as he hits my sweet spot. I can feel my cum drip down my legs and then he cums inside of.

Panting out of breath he pulls out of me and licks the cum from my leg all the way up to my entrance he starts to lick me out. I move down to the carpeted floor and spread my legs to give him more access. He gladly starts to eat me out again. Sucking my juices making me moan once more. “D-David..” I can feel him smile. I know he likes when I moan his name I just have to remember to moan his name just to please him. Nothing more.

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