My Desire~

*Warning Gayness * <3

“Jaycee was just an ordinary girl but more of an outcast she’s not really one to judge people just because they judge her she knows what’s right and what wrong but sometimes you just have to go with your gut feeling and live a little

That’s one thing was going through her mind as soon as she made her decision to do whatever he says...

Whatever her teacher says”

Jk there’s a huge plot twist! Just wait and see what I have in store for you.

This is the little dream Jackson woke up from... He then knew he didn’t have to question his sexuality He was gay and he was in for a treat when he first met he new “lover “ David James


1. One~

I sit there staring at him wondering how I’ve got here in the first place. Wondering how he found out my deepest darkest secret. Wondering how I’ll get out of this.

He stared at me for a moment. He hazel eyes stared into my brown ones with a feel of lust and desire. I couldn’t even imagine what he was thinking or what he was going to do to me. All I could do was wait for an answer. A statement. Just something to stop the tension we have right now at this moment.

He then speaks. He says one of the last things I’d ever thought he’d say to his student. “ To keep your secret from coming out I want you to do exactly I say I want you to never disobey my order and I want you to want me for as long as I tell you to. You do as I say and your secret is safe with me you disobey you’ll be punished and your secret will accidentally be exposed to the whole student body and to the proper authorities. How do you think this would look on your application to NYU. I’m sure drugs aren’t qualified for college or better yet being arrested.” He say with a devilish smirk

“I know you want me but I need to give you a little taste of what you’re in for” he approaches me lifting me chin up a little so I’m forced to look at him. I smile to myself because I know following his order won’t be as bad. And if I’m good I won’t have to explain to everyone why I’m taking unprescribed pills. I won’t have to deal with the rumors or the attacks from worrying students. Or even worse not being able to go to college.

I just have to do what he says “ So Ms Carter will you do as I say for as long as I want “ he whispers seductively in my ear. I bite my lip before answering in a small whisper “ Yes Mr James. I’ll do as you say”

Six hours earlier~

I wake with the slightest amount of pain throbbing at the side of my head. I try my best to ignore it as sudden flashbacks of last night pour into my mind. I remember seeing him. I remember touching him. I remember kissing him. I remember him wanting me as much as I wanted him. I remember everything that happened between me and Mr James. Or should I’ll call him by his first name. I mean last night he allowed me to while he was sucking my neck. But I can’t blame him his presence makes me utterly happy, excited and lustful.

I remember just how much alcohol he drank and it was just so much as none he barely even had a sip which meant he wanted me. Sober. I mentally curse myself. He’s your teacher you’re his student you could be in so much trouble for this. How would this look on your school record especially because you’re applying to go to NYU after graduation. You’ve been waiting to go to this places for years it’s where your parents went it’s where you’ll go to achieve your dreams. All you need is a scholarship.

I smile remembering how hot Mr James looked last night. He’s a distraction tho a mild bump in the road. I just have to pretend not to remember anything and maybe he won’t bother me. He is my teacher after all. It shouldn’t be that hard to resist him.

At school~

I pray that I don’t look so suspicious coming out of the janitors closet with Nate my drug dealer. It’s not my fault he has the pills I need to feel safe and free from all harm. It’s just anxiety pills and as long as I don’t overdose I should be fine. I then head to the class I’ve been dreading. I walk into Mr James’s English class. I try not to make eye contact with him. But I can feel he’s stare burning into the back of my head with every movement I take. I didn’t know if it was because I’m late or because he knows what happened yesterday. Of course he knows he was sober!

I take a sit in the center of class and just try to ignore his stare. He thens speaks “Ms Carter see me after class so I can hand you your detention slip for being late to my class for the third time. Now let’s begin today’s lesson..” I didn’t pay attention to anything else he said but I know he knows because he couldn’t stop smirking at me. The bell finally rang I was about to bolt out of class but he stopped me before I could. “Jaycee... you were told to stay.” He said in a stern but husky voice

I slowly turned around and sat down at the desk in front of the him. He stares at me on more time before eyeing up and down he then faintly whispers in my ear “ I know you want me and I know I want you. But some one has a secret that I don’t tolerate.” He slowly backs away and waits for me to answer. Shit what am I supposed to say yeah I’m sorry for the drugs or even one better I’m sorry for almost giving you a hand job while we were kissing in the bathroom of a bar. I look down not wanting to see his sexy glare. His hair was ruffed but still perfect and his jaw was clenched which made him even more attractive.

Boy am I fucked.

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