Pretty Little Liars

Four friends band together against an anonymous foe who threatens to reveal their darkest secrets, while unraveling the mystery of the murder of their best friend.


1. Chapter One

“Coming dad!” I hollered from across the room. I ran to him. Me and dad were

at the police station.

    “Have fun.” Dad said to me.

    “Yeah . . .” I replied, eager to meet my new friends.

    “This is a fresh start for you. If anyone finds out-”

    “I know!” I told dad as I raised my voice. Why did he even bring it up?

    “See you tonight.” Dad said as he walked away. I sighed.

    “If anyone finds out what?” Said an unfamiliar voice. I jumped before realizing it was my new friend. I shook my head, knowing I shouldn’t talk about it.

    “I'm Alison Dilaurentis. Nice to meet you. You can call me Ali.”

    “Thank’s. I'm Alexandra. Alexandra Young.” I replied introducing myself.

    “So you're dad’s a cop?”

    “Yeah. A new chief of police.”

    “He seems worried you're going to spill something.” I became nervous and started rubbing my arm, looking for a distraction. “You're mysterious. I like mysterious.” I gave a shy smile. “You're coming to me and my friend, Spencer's, barn tonight.”

    “Thanks.” I said nodding my head.

    “I have an amazing outfit for you! You're going to love it.” Ali said.





Once school ended I went to Ali’s house.

    “Nice room” I said as I came in.

    “ Thanks! I rarely let anyone come in here so you should feel special.” Ali told me as she got the outfit for me. I tried on the outfit and it looked amazing on me.

    “Just as I thought, It looks fabulous on you.”

    “I love it!” I told Ali, glad that she was letting me borrow this outfit. It suited me.

    “Come on before it rain’s” Ali said as she lead me out of her room.



There was a storm. With lighting. And thunder.

    “I heard Ali’s bringing the new girl tonight” Said an anonymous voice that belonged to a girl.

    “Who is she?” A new voice sounded.

    “Some new transfer from Riverbank. If Ali likes her, I guess she’s cool?” A girl said crossing her arms.

    “Where is Ali anyway?” said the voice who started the conversation.

    “Maybe another secret?” Someone laughed then there was a bang.

    “Whoa, what was that?” One girl turned on a flashlight. Slowly the girls walked towards the second bang and opened the door, as a shadow walked in, the girl’s jumped.

    “Gotcha!” Someone said.

    “Not cool, Ali!” A girl said.

    “Just a bit of thunder and lightning.” Ali rolled her eyes at the scaredy cats. “Everyone, I want you to meet Alexandra.”

    “Hey” I said as I walked into the barn.

    “Hey, i'm Emily.” Emily introduced herself.

    “Did you see how scared they were?” Ali whispered to me.

    “Yeah” I said laughing, siding with Ali.

    “Love the outfit!” One girl said, ignoring the comment. “We should go shopping sometime soon.” I nodded my head in agreement.



“Introduction’s” Ali said once we were all settled. “Alexandra, tell us something about yourself.”

    “Fashion, I want to learn to sew . . . I guess.” I shrugged my shoulders.

    “Meet the girls” Ali said


“Thanks for letting me come” I smiled

“Of course!” Ali said. We took a photo.

Far Left - Hanna

Left - Spencer

Middle - Alexandra (Me)

Right - Emily

Far Right - Aria

“Thanks for the amazing welcome, Ali!” I said. “I was kinda nervous coming here”

“Aww. You nervous?” Ali questioned. “Is that why you keep touching your locket?”

“What! I'm not . . .” I was shocked.

“Yes you are. You touched it like ten times since we got hear.” Ali insisted. “So tell us, what's the deal with the locket?” I sighed. “Why are you being so weird?” Ali asked. “Is it a secret or something?” What was Ali trying to figure out?

“It’s just a locket” I said after hesitation. “It has a photo of my friend Bryan Burke.”

“Ooh, Bryan. Hot name” Hanna said with a giggle.

“You're glowing just talking about him, Alexandra” Aria noticed me.

“I just . . .” I didn’t want to talk about him. But I forced myself to. “I loved him since third grade.”I managed. “It's not a big deal.”

“I think it is” Ali said with a sly smile. “How about you let me try that locket on?”

“No!” I said backing away just a few steps. “I mean . . . I just . . .”

“What? We always try on each others stuff.” Ali said expressionless. “I'm just trying to make you feel part of the group.” I didn’t give her the locket.

“It’s not that cute, don’t bother.” I said.

“Fine. If you don't do the dare, how about the truth?” Ali asked. Oh god, now a game of truth or dare? “Why aren’t you and Bryan a think?”

“Don't worry Alexandra.” Hanna told me. “This is what she does”

“One day, we’ll  get a secret out of you, Ali” Aria said with a smile.

“I have no secrets.” Ali insisted.

“Oh that’s rich” Spencer said with an eye roll.

“I know you have a whopper” Hanna said with a smile. I bet I could get a secret out of Ali . . . I thought. I'm the master of truth or dare.

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