Lylas life



2. The roommate

I showed up at peony's she gave me a warm welcome and her dad was DJing and it was pretty loud but I don't mind. We went down to her room to find me a roommate  to live with and so I sat down and she pulled out her laptop and I told her about how me and my mom had a fight because of the website. So peony thought for a minute and she started to look it up then me and her looked at people who wanted to have roommate but then there was this one guy named Oliver he was very cute to me but peony wanted to keep looking but I told her to let me look at the information so she let me look at it he had blue eyes beach blond hair and he was sweet and liked to write stories he also was very clean and he write stories he wasn't weird in any way  which was nice. I was tempted to call him and ask to be roommates but peony didn't like the look of him. But I told her to give a chance later that night I realized mom was going to be home soon so I grabbed my bag and rushed out of there but I was so close my mom was home already she was calling me and then she saw me and yelled at me and told me to get in side the house. I told her where I was but she didn't listen she sent me up to my room and said to grab my stuff and get out of her house I was a little confused about why she was doing this I asked and she said that I have yelled at her for her helping and I was slacking not listening ether. So I left her house and I went to Caleb's house my other friend when I showed up at his house Caleb showed me to his room I set my stuff down on his bed me and him have been friends since I was two so he was like a brother to me he asked me why I had my stuff I told him my mom kicked me out of the house around mid night I fell asleep.

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