Lylas life



1. The morning

I woke up to a familiar smell it was mom cooking I walked down stairs to see what she was making it was pancakes bacon and orange juice. I didn't know I was starving till I saw it. I ate and went back up stairs to my room to grab my phone when I went down there my mom looked at me and asked why don't you try this app it helps you find a roommate cause I don't want you moving in with your father. Mom I will be fine let me figure this out on my own. I know you dad don't get along cause he did bad things but I need somwhere to live! And why can't you live here cause you always are  trying to make me not go to dads and I don't like how you are not letting me do my own things! Well I need to go to work. I'm sorry mom I just I've been on edge cause of collage and trying to find a roommate it's been a long week. Well I still have to go stay in the house don't let anyone answer. Ok bye mom see you tonight. When mom left I went up to my room to grab my stuff my friend peony wanted me to come over she was going to help me find a roommate 

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