Lylas life



3. I meet him

I set up a day to meet him he met me at Italian  restaurant  I had Alfredo  chicken he had spaghetti. Me and him talked for an hour then we left the  restaurant  We went to the park sat on a bench and talked some more after that I went home to grab my stuff cause we decided to move in together when I showed up at his house he was only in pants which was fine I don't juge he showed me to my room but started talking like he was hitting on me which he wasn't when I went to the restaurant and the park but I  just felt with it hoping he would stop then there was a guy who stopped by when I finished unpacking and decorating my room the guy who stopped by was named Collin. He was very nice he made me and Oliver dinner I asked Oliver who he was and said it was his best friend I asked why didn't you just move in with him. He said that he already had a roommate so he couldn't. Oh I said well ok around nine Collin left and me and Oliver were watching a movie while we were watching it he put his arm on my shoulder but I took it as a sign of friend ship or somthing I finally fell asleep. The next day I woke up in my room I was confused but I realized it  probably him being nice and carry me back to my bedroom so I went into the kitchen to see what's to eat of course nothing so I went to the store to buy a lot of muffins for me and maybe him I went back to the house and ate and then just hanged out on my phone Oliver a hour later woke  up and came to check on me he started being very sexual so I told him sorry I don't have any interest in you it would be nice of you didn't hit on me. So he yelled at me and told me to get out then so that was the end I gave up I went into the kitchen and grabbed a knife and stabbed my self Oliver of corse saw and freaked out he called 911and the ambulance came and tried to keep me alive I woke up in the hospital I saw a nurse walk in her name was Dyan she said that I stabbed my self and she asked me my name and other regular questions Then she asked why did you try to kill your self I told her its none of her business then she left mad at me cause I like to keep things to my self then Collin and Oliver walk in they both look relived that I'm alive Oliver said sorry for his actions and they told me they both decided that I should move in with Collin I just nodded they said that they were going to get so papers sighed so she can be let go. Then I saw my mother crying  she finally came in and we talked then she left. It was sad but I thought she needed to calm down so I letted her go. They finally letted me go Collin drove me home I started to fall in love with Collin his brown hair and green eyes he just made me blush.

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