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READ!! Fandroid subs 


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If you're reading this, I'm guessing you know of Fandroid, the Musical Robot. And if you don't, this might be useful information for you anyway, so please keep reading. Something happened to me a few days ago, something that I don't know how to explain. My parents aren't sure what to think either, and neither do the doctors. I just wanted to post this online so that you guys can read it, and maybe it can save you from something terrible. And if you don't believe me, that's fine. At least no none can say that I didn't try. 

So I had been at work, just at a sandwich shop a few blocks from my house. I've worked there for nearly a year, and I've never had any problems with it. The managers are super nice, and I've made some friends with the employees too. Sometimes they let me take a free sandwich home after my shift, which is totally awesome.

Sorry, rabbit trail. My work has nothing to do with what I'm talking about. 

Since I was working over 5 hours that day, I was allowed a 30 minute break. As usual, I had grabbed my earbuds from my jacket hanging in the back, and then snagged a ham and cheddar sub. I was starving, but I always like to watch a little YouTube while I eat. Call it an addiction if you want, but I enjoy it. 

As I walked toward a table to sit at, I stole a peek at my lock screen. My thumb scrolled through the notifications, among them being an iMessage banner from a friend asking if I wanted to hang out sometime this week, and along with it a plethora of YouTube notifications from jacksepticeye, CrankGameplays, DanAndPhilGAMES, XboxGamerK, and a few more. Although at the top of the pile I noticed one from Fandroid MUSIC!, and my eyes lit up at the sight of it. Certainly, this would be the first video I would watch. 

The notification said that the video was titled "new sonG", which caught my attention, of course. Although, poor grammar is common, and I didn't really care to agonize over it. This was probably just a screen test of some sort, maybe a prototype for a new animation engine or music program or something like that. All in all, I was excited more than anything. 

I finally sat down and set my sandwich on the table, and I began to unravel my earbuds and unlock my phone as quickly as I could. I was only allowed to chill for 30 minutes, so I had to make good use of my time. 

As soon as the Home button recognized my thumbprint, I tapped on the YouTube application, and the screen went white as the feed loaded. While it did, I plugged my earbuds into the headphone jack, and pushed the tiny speakers in my earlobes. As I looked back to my phone, surely enough, at the top of my Recent Activity was that Fandroid video, indeed titled "new sonG". Its thumbnail was black, with no picture at all. I saw this as a sign that this really was a test-video. My eyes darted to the time stamp, as I wanted to see if the video was short and sweet, or livestream-length. I just like to schedule my watching time efficiently, so I can catch up on my favorite YouTubers as much as I can in my precious 30 minutes. It's super anal-retentive, I know, but it's what I do. 

However, when I read the time, I was sure my phone was being stupid and not loading right. The bottom-right corner of the pitch thumbnail said 0:00. I knew that couldn't be right; why would someone post a video that didn't even last a second? 

Now I was starting to think that Griffinilla had uploaded something by mistake, and that was why the thumbnail had no picture. But I was curious; of course I was. I was like a stupid teenager in a 90s slasher; I was asking for it to happen. I seriously hate myself for it now. 

So I tapped on the video. I just wanted to know what was going on. 

With that the screen began to load, and I tilted my iPhone horizontal. Setting it on the table, I reached for my ham and cheddar sandwich and unwrapped it from its paper. As I focused on my task I could hear the usual intro. The harp-like jingle and mechanical sounds, along with Griffinilla's autotuned voice speaking, "Fandroid." I always thought he had edited it so perfectly; sometimes, I really did believe that the little robot was processing our comments and spawning a catchy videogame tune. 

Though, before I could take a bite of my lunch—literally mid-bite—I froze. I didn't hear anything; no music, not even talking. Usually at this time I'd hear a popping sound, while the like-minded comments appeared on the screen that our mechanical friend would turn into a song. But, nothing was happening. I glanced over to my phone, and saw nothing either. Just as the thumbnail, there was nothing to see. Only blackness. Had the video frozen? 

But it couldn't have been the cell service, because no swirly ring animation was showing up in the middle of the screen. I removed a hand from my sandwich and touched my finger to my phone, seeing if the video was playing at all. Once I did the time bar faded in, revealing that the video hadn't even started yet. But, that wasn't possible. I had just listened to that 5 second intro; at least 5 seconds should have passed. I knitted my brow, eyeing the timestamp that still declared that the video was nothing-minutes-long. This was certainly strange. 

I set my sandwich back on the table, for this case would require both of my hands to solve. I held my iPhone over the table, and with my thumb I tapped on the red circle that marks how long you've watched the video—obviously, it was still at the beginning of the bar—trying to fast-forward to the part of the video where something, anything, happened. Yet as soon as I let go of the dot, it zipped back to where it had been, right at the beginning of the time bar. 

And it was then, that I actually began to hear something. 

It was a low tone, almost like a bellow. So quiet that it was nearly inaudible. I tried to turn up the volume to hear what it was, but even with the sound cranked to MAX, I couldn't tell what it was. 

At this point, I was dumbfounded. This was most likely a mistake-upload, something that Griffinilla hadn't intended to release. I was still flustered, but understanding. Everyone makes mistakes, and he already has so much on his plate, what with this Fandroid 3.0 and such. So I let it slide, and made the intent to begin watching another video. Perhaps that jacksepticeye "Try Not to Cringe" that I had noticed earlier. 

Yet when I tilted my phone back vertical, the screen didn't rotate back. At first I didn't mind it; it doesn't always work on the first try. But when I lay it horizontal and repeated the process, it still wouldn't let me back to YouTube. I must have done this a thousand times before I gave up, concluding that YouTube was being a butt. So I pressed the Home button, so that I could shut down the window and reload the app. 

And wouldn't you know it, that didn't work either. 

Again, a thousand times I smashed that button, even pressing it in different ways, for different lengths, for certain amounts of time—I tried it all. But the black screen wouldn't go away. 

I thought that maybe my phone had turned off, somehow. I'm telling you, I was at a loss. I tapped the screen, and the time bar appeared, in just the way I had left it, boasting 0:00. So, I aimed to turn it off myself, and clicked the button at the top-right of my iPhone. 

Take a guess. Take a wild guess. 

I started to freak out. Was my cellphone broken? Had I seriously just broken my cellphone? My mind had begun to churn with anxiety. My parents were going to kill me if this thing broke. 

How naive of me. 

So I was presented with my two final resorts: hold down the Power button to hard-shut-down, or hold down Power and Home to hard-reset. You bet that I tried both for perhaps a good five minutes, trying to convince myself that my phone wasn't broken. It couldn't be broken. 

What was it, my eleventh try of the hard-reset—believe me, I counted—when I began to notice that tone again. But this time, it had grown louder. 

I let go of the Power and Home buttons, and froze in place to listen. Immediately I was able to at least make out what it was. It was music, although I use that term loosely. I sat there and continued to make sense of the noise, picking out notes and sounds from the chaos. As I composer myself, I know how music works, and how to make it pleasant. And this, my friend, was anything but pleasant. 

You know that synthesizer sound that is basically a bright organ note reversed? If this isn't ringing a bell, it's like that sound used for the sonic.exe music, growing from soft to loud and then abruptly stopping. This sound was the most prominent over of all else. Every note was evenly spaced to a steady beat, yet not belonging to any key in particular. Neither major nor minor; I just couldn't identify it. 

Behind it overdrive clangs and crashes boomed to no specific rhythm, as if two toddlers had discovered the pots and pans cabinet. They played as they wished, with no intent at all. And even under that, a sole tone loomed, like an organist had fallen asleep on his instrument. 

All of this together surmounted into the most unnerving music I have ever had the misfortune to hear. And as I remained as a statue and pinpointed all of this, this horrible trio had crescendoed tremendously. 

I couldn't stand this. It was much to peculiar for my taste. Instinctively I pressed my index finger to the Volume-Down button, in attempt to conduct a decrescendo. 

And it was when I conceded that my phone was not going to listen to me, that I removed my earbuds altogether. 

I might have just died right then and there. 

Because I actually had to stare down at those white accessories that had come with my iPhone, and process that they weren't still in my ears. 

I sprang from my seat, flinging the chair a bit behind me. I could barely hear it's clatter against the tile, as the music still played in my ears, gradually growing louder and louder. My eyes were beginning to sting from staying wide open, and my chest felt as though someone were ripping it apart with his bear hands. I turned my head to gawk at every customer that had looked up from their meals to take a gander at me. They seemed a mixture of both annoyed and concerned, but overall quite confused. I could see it there eyes; they had no idea why my face was colorless, or why I had made such a gesture to stand before them. 

They couldn't hear it. 

But I could. 

And even still, it was louder. 

And then it grew louder. 

Now, I had begun to whimper, for with every interval a nail pierced my ears. 

I didn't know what to do. What should I have done? I don't know; I still don't know. 

What I did, however, was sprint away from the table in a panic. Leaving my phone, my earbuds, and my entire ham and cheddar sandwich all resting atop it. 

I pushed aside the glass doors and dashed into the parking lot, my ever-growing sobs now drowned out by this hellish music. I think I was trying to get to my car, although I don't know what good driving away would have done, or how well it would have turned out for me. 

Whatever I was running to, I didn't make it. The sound had grown too loud, and I couldn't feel anything but my throbbing head, as if someone had driven a road spike into my skull. 

I dropped to the asphalt, my knees hitting it with the force of my body weight. I screamed, even though I couldn't hear it. My hands pressed at the sides of my head, as if they could prevent my eardrums from bursting, and the music from growing any louder.

But it only got louder. That's all that became of it. 


And louder. 

And louder. 

I think this was when my manager had knelt beside me, grasping me at the shoulders. I didn't hear his inquiries of my well being, nor his demands for someone to call 911. All I had done was feel his tight embrace and sense his presence, though only barely. 

"MAKE IT STOP!" I shrieked at him, as if he could do anything to help me. "MAKE IT STOP! MAKE IT STOP!" 

My hands had grown slick, and my hair felt strangely weighted. A rough hand tried to remove my own from my ear, but I fought with him for it back. It wasn't as if it were doing any good, but my mind was on overload, unsure of what else it could do to save me. 

Nothing but squeal like a madwoman. Yet even as my throat felt as though it would shatter with another emission, I could hear nothing I said. 


And louder. 

And louder. 



In my mind flashed an image and a phrase, for only an instant. And at once, I slammed into the pavement, passed out in sheer bliss. 

So, yeah. That's exactly what happened. I won't ever forget any of it, and I promise I would never make this up. Of course, you have nothing but my word, but please, keep reading. 

As I write this, I assure you that I am quite fine, and I feel well. I am sitting in my own bed as of this moment, recovering from double perforated ear drums. It's not as bad as it sounds. In fact, the doctors have said that I should be 100% well within a few weeks. Most ear drums are able to heal on their own, and I am actually beginning to hear more and more every day. 

Something that my doctors had mentioned, though, was that this couldn't have happened where I was. What I mean is, they told me that for this to happen, I had to have been listening to something extremely loud, equal to a continuous stream of gunshots right up to my ear. But iPhones can't become that loud; the machinery inside won't even allow it. And the people who were there at the sandwich place said that they heard nothing at all. 

I have no idea what happened. Nothing makes any sense. But I can't write it off as me being delusional or insane; the doctor's bills that my parents have to pay can attest to that. 

I must mention, I did check the Fandroid MUSIC! channel feed, hoping that I could let Griffinilla know what had happened with that video, whatever it was. 

But when I looked, nothing was there. At the top of the list of recent uploads, all I saw was his latest video, "The Devil's Disco." 

I mean, I read a lot of creepypastas, and I've listened to so many dark narrations. And what happened to me... 

I don't know. This is probably really stupid, but I don't care. If I can save someone from going through what I went through, then the demeaning comments are worth it. 

I have to warn you all of this, because I don't know if that video will show up again. I'm sure that so many people have already seen as I have, and my heart goes out to all of you. I am so sorry for you guys, and I hope that your recovery will be as smooth as mine has been. 

But for those who didn't fall for this terrible...whatever it is, if you ever see that notification on your phone, or that email you receive from YouTube, reading that Fandroid MUSIC! had uploaded "new sonG," do not—I repeat, DO NOT click or tap on it! I don't know if it only works with headphones, but do not test it! I'm telling you, you will experience insurmountable torture! You will wish that you were dying in those few minutes after you watch that intro, and as that terrible music grows so loud that you want to rip your ears off! 

And the image...


I forgot to mention the image. 

Perhaps the most horrid part of it all. Right before I had passed out on the pavement, I saw a picture. My vision had gone out at that time, and everything was dark. Except, for that instant I was conscious to feel myself fall. 

Wouldn't you believe it, I saw Fandroid. The happy, go-lucky little robo himself. Or at least, just his head. In fact, now that I think about it, it was only the screen that projected his face.

But it was all wrong, completely wrong. 

The screen itself was a light gray, or perhaps an off-white. Not bright like a projection, but dim as if were ashen skin. It's eyes were dark, deepened like holes into its head, not pixilated pictures on a screen. The areas around these sockets were sunken, like undereye bags around the entire eye. 

And its mouth, crinkled like the edges of a paper wad, curling over where its checks would be, and then farther. It hung slightly agape, revealing a void in between those cracks that pretended to be lips. 

It was staring at me. It knew I was there. It was only interested in me. It relished in my terror and pleads for death's sweet release. Earnestly trying to prod me into the darkness, to push me over the edge of reality and into nothing, where I was to dissolve into all that never was. 

The thing departed after an instant, with a gargle that equated to a simple phrase, echoeing in my bleeding ears. Its utterance angered me, infuriated me, and it still does even now. 

"Thanks for listening. See you next time" 

I assure you, it was all in an instant. But an instant was all I needed to never forget. 

I know that that thing that terrorized me was not our beloved Fandroid, the Musical Robot. And I know for a fact that Mr. Griffin himself wouldn't have been so cruel as to upload such a monstrosity. Although, I don't even think that he would have been able to think of something so horrible, and neither could any sane human. 

Honestly, I hope that I have scared you senseless. Because it might just be that sickening wrench in your gut that stops you from viewing the "new sonG" the next time it is uploaded. The peculiar tune that lasts for nothing, yet carries. 

Please, don't try to be brave. Don't try to test it. Don't provoke it. If you see the notification, all I can say is leave it be. I don't know what happens if you don't listen to it, but at least you'll remain blissfully ignorant to what it will do. 

I wish I was. But here I am now, typing this blog post, while everything around me sounds like it's muffled through a pillow. 

Believe me, you won't think you're very high and mighty when you're stuck at home, and can't even communicate with your family. 

I mean, I can't stop you. But, you'll be wishing you had listened to me. 

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