The Mail Must Get through

A small salute to the armed forces and their supporting services of the world.
All my respects to you sirs, ma'am and those who identify with neither or both titles stated before.
( my apologizes if i sound insensitive, i'm just not aware of any non binary titles, but i extend my utmost respects you as well.)


1. The Mail Must get through

That man with the satchel 

and the postman's cap, 

along the frontiers,

is a valuable chap.


A sister's pressed flowers, wife's letter,

a baby's pictures.

He bring these to soldier

who revere them like scriptures.


That man who brings love,

with his postman's cap,

along the frontiers, 

is a valuable chap.


Have no doubt in mind.

do whatever you must do.

This man must get way,

because the mail must get through. 

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