Living Dead

When you wake up to start a day at work, only to find you’re in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.


11. The Enemy

We had been driving for hours. The low petrol light had come on in the car so we only had a few miles left to drive. As the petrol began to run out we slowly came to a stop. The road we were on was completely dark and the street lights weren't on either. We appeared to be in the middle of nowhere. It was a full moon and the light was reflecting off the trees that were surrounding us, but it didn't really brighten up the road.

We all got out the car. "So what do we do now?" I asked. "We look around for some shelter and rest for the night." replied Bob. We walked on but couldn't see much apart from the slightly lit trees.

In the background I could see a faint outline of what appeared to be a building. "How about over there?" I said as I pointed over to it. "Let's check it out." said Bob.

We approached the building, it was a school. It was surrounded by big fences so it seemed quite secure. We stood at the front gates and had a look around. The moonlight was quite bright and lit up the school. "Seems quite safe." Paul said. Then he climbed up and over the gate, "I'll have a quick look around and see if the coast is clear." He then disappeared. We waited a few minutes, then he came back, "Seems empty. This'll do for the night." he said. We all then climbed up and over the gate.

We looked around the hallways of the school, it seemed to be empty. We managed to find a staff room and rested there. The lights werent working but as the walls were mostly glass, the moonlight shone through and lit the room up. Bob went and sat on one of the sofas. "I'm gonna take a nap." he said, "I suggest you all do the same." The rest of us sat down and one by one they all dozed off.

We had slept for a couple of hours, but I was suddenly woken by a flash of lightning, then a rumble of thunder, soon followed by heavy rainfall. I looked around the room but everyone was still sleeping. I tried going back to sleep but then there was more lightning and another loud rumble of thunder. As I couldn't rest, I got up and left the staff room to have a little look around the school for any supplies. I found the school cafeteria. I entered the kitchen and rummaged through the cupboards but they were all empty.

As I left the kitchen I heard a noise coming from inside the school. "Hello?" I shouted, but nobody answered, just the sound of the rain and thunder echoing across the hall. I walked out the cafeteria into a corridor. I heard the noise again, this time it sounded closer. "Anyone there?" I asked but again, I was met with just the sound of the rain and thunder.

I walked down the corridor and into a hallway. As I entered a hallway, I heard a whisper coming from beside me. I turned towards the whisper and was met by a dark figure. I went to turn back to the corridor but there was a flash of lighting, which lit the room up and revealed Steve standing there. "What the fuck are you doing?" he asked. I let out a sigh of relief, "Jesus Christ! You scared the shit out of me. I couldn't sleep so I came out to see if I could find anything. Then I heard some noise so I came to investigate it, only it turned out to be you. Anyway what are you doing out here?" "I got woken up by some banging." he said. I laughed, "That's just the thunder." "Nah, this came from inside." he said with a slight quiver in his voice.

We both stood silent to see if we could hear any more noises but there was nothing coming from inside, only the rain and thunder outside. We went to head back to the staff room but we heard the noise again. It was coming from another corridor just near where the staff room was. We headed back to the staff room until we came to the beginning of the corridor. Steve started walking down it. I grabbed him, "Leave it. We'll have a look in the morning. Let's just get back in there with the others." Steve pushed my hand off, "It could be another survivor." Then he started walking away. "Get back here." I loudly whispered but he had already got half way. I followed him and we came to a classroom. It was pitch black in there and we couldn't see a thing.

Steve entered the classroom and I lost sight of him. I went in after him but still couldn't see him. Suddenly there was a shuffling noise. "Was that you?" I whispered. He managed to get over to me, "Nah I think someone's in here." "Hello?" I said. It went quiet for a minute then the shuffling noise came again. I grabbed Steve's shoulder, "Let's go." We both went to turn but then a flash of lightning lit up the room and revealed a group of children in front of us. They were all z's. We took a step back then they disappeared into the darkness. "What do we do?" Steve asked. I grabbed his jumper and slowly started side-stepping to the edge of the classroom. "Slowly move to the wall, then use it to feel our way out." I said.

Just as we reached the wall Steve stepped on something that made a crunching noise. We could here the z's snarling. Then there was another flash of lightning and the z's looked over at us and started coming towards us. The lightning went on for just long enough that the room was well lit, and we managed to find our way out. I ran in front of Steve, down the corridor and got to the staff room, only the door was locked shut. I started banging on the door. "Fucking open up!" I shouted. "We can't someone's locked it and we can't find the other key." I heard Dean shout.

Steve then shouted, "I got it." As he came down the corridor, but just as he took it out his pocket, it slipped through his fingers and he dropped it. He went to turn back to get it, but the z's appeared then he turned back towards me. "What the fuck are you doing.?" I shouted, then ran over to the key and picked it up. The other guys in the staff room managed to find the other key and had the door open. Steve ran inside and shut the door, leaving me outside. "What the fuck? Open the door." I shouted. The door didn't open. The z's were right behind me. I banged the door and shouted again, "Someone open the door."

The door suddenly swung open and Dean pulled me in, quickly shutting it behind me. I jumped to my feet, ran over to Steve and punched him in the face, "What the hell were you doing?" He just sat there staring at me. I went to punch him again but Tom grabbed my arm and stopped me. "This ain't gonna solve anything." he said, "We can deal with it when we get free of here."

The others picked up one of the sofas and pushed it against the door. Bob then sat on it. "Well, I guess we better leave." he said. The rest of us agreed. We smashed one of the big glass windows and began climbing out. As most of us got out the door smashed open and the z's started coming in. Me and Steve were the last ones to leave. I went to climb out but Steve pulled me back and went to climb out himself. I pulled him back in and he fell to the floor. I started climbing out again but Steve grabbed me and pulled me back in. I shoved him forward. He turned and went to punch me but I dodged him and pushed him backwards, causing him to fall. I ran to the window and climbed out. Steve came to the window and tried climbing out but the z's grabbed hold of him. "Help me." he shouted as he reached his arms out to me. I didn't help him and just stepped back. He fell back in to the classroom and I heard him screaming.

I walked off towards the others. Tom walked up to me, "Where's Steve?" "I left the little fucker with the kids." I replied. Tom just stared at me and said nothing. Paul walked over to us, "Come on guys, nothing more we can do here." Bob had found a working van in the school car park and pulled up beside us. Dean and Paul climbed in the back and Tom closed the doors.

Just as I went to get in he turned around and punched me in the face, sending me crashing to the floor. He grabbed me and pulled me up against a wooden post. He pulled out sharp metal pole and stabbed it into my shoulder, far enough that it also stabbed into the wood behind me. Tom looked at me for a second, took a piece of paper out his pocket, screwed it up, then chucked it at me. Then he jumped into the car and they drove off. Paul and Dean hadn't been aware of what had happened as they were in the back of the van, which had no windows. I was stuck sitting here nailed to this post. I could hear the z's behind me in the staff room, but I couldn't concentrate on them, I was in too much pain, and I was trying to figure out what had happened. What was going on with Tom? What possible reason did he have for doing this?

I looked at the screwed up piece of paper by my feet, that he had thrown at me. I managed to kick it over to my hand and unfolded it. It wasn't a piece of paper it was a photograph. Turns out Tom did have some family alive after all... a brother... Steve.

The End

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