Living Dead

When you wake up to start a day at work, only to find you’re in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.


2. Team Effort

Two hours had passed. We were still in the big room upstairs, not having heard from the team downstairs. Gary stood up "I'm gonna have a look around, see if our guys downstairs are alright." I jumped up "I'm coming with you." "I think it's best if you stay up here and wait for my signal." Gary said. "Bullshit! I ain't just gonna sit here. I got us some weapons too if need be." I said as I handed him a large metal pole. I found myself a plank of wood with nails sticking out of it. "Hang on, I'm coming too" Lee shouted as he came over to us, also holding a plank of wood. "Ok, we do this carefully, quietly and stick together." Gary then addressed the others in the room "Ok guys, we are gonna go downstairs and see how our other guys are getting on. The rest of you stay here, when the coast is clear we'll come back up and get you." "Fuck off! I ain't sitting here doing nothing. I'm coming too." a voice angrily shouted. "Sir, sorry what's your name?" Asked Gary." "Karl, but I don't..." "Right let me just interrupt you for a second, Karl." As Gary quickly stepped in. "We don't need another big team going down, three will do. We'll come back up soon. I need you to stay here and protect the rest of them." to which Gary turned, grabbed my arm and quickly pushed me out the door.

Heading back out of the canteen down the corridor, now having a better idea of what's going on, suddenly felt quite terrifying. However, I was determined to get through this and get to my family. Besides I now had other people relying on me, so I didn't want to let them down. We managed to get to the bottom of the stairs and down the corridor without any problems. The place was still quiet. Maybe we were lucky and none of them were left inside. Well that's what we were hoping anyway. As we reached the end of the corridor to the shop floor Gary quickly run in front "Ok, we've no idea what's going on down here, so everyone stick together." We proceeded onto the shopfloor, but it was still quiet. Until suddenly there was a shuffling noise coming from one of the aisles. With no idea who or what was making the noise, we had to go and find out. As we headed further down the shop the shuffling noise sounded like it was getting closer. I looked over and Lee, there was a mix of focus and fear in his eyes. He looked at me and nodded his head, put his hand on my shoulder and whispered "It's alright, we can do this."

We approached the aisle where the noise was coming from and we found one of the z's dragging itself across the shelf fixture. We all quickly took a step back so it couldn't see us. "We're gonna have to do something. I can't carry on knowing that thing is here." Gary said. "We'll take care of it." Lee said as he grabbed my arm and started edging me towards it. "Ok, I'm ready." I hesitantly said. We paced very slowly towards the creature, it hadn't seen us yet so we had a bit of an advantage. Just as we got close, suddenly it raised its head and it let out a kind of snarly groan. Having seen its face I recognised it, it was one of our regular customers, Pat, who shops here everyday. He was an elderly man and was one of the nicest people I'd ever met. It was hard to see him like this, on top of that I had no clue what me and Johnny were actually going to do with him. However it was too late to think as he lunged himself forward to grab Lee, but Lee shoved him back. Then he raised his plank of wood getting ready to hit the z with it.

Suddenly out of nowhere there was a big thud and Pat, the z, had fallen to the floor. Someone was behind him and was beating him with a metal pole. As they took a step back and wiped the blood of their cheek I saw it was one my other managers that worked here, Mike. His clothes were covered in blood. "Holy shit Mike, what the hell happened to you?" I asked. He looked at us in a kind of relief "We ran in to a few of them as we came down. Unfortunately we lost a few of the team. They got bit by the z's, then they turned into them so we had to take care of them too." Gary walked over and shook Mike's hand "I'm glad you're ok. Is there anyone else down here with you?" Mike pointed to the back of the shop. "The rest of us are hiding down there. We were getting ready to come back upstairs when we got ambushed, so we took them out then hid behind the counter in the corner." "Right, let's go over and get the rest of the guys and head back upstairs."

We walked slowly to the back of the shop, as we approached the corner I saw a couple of heads pop up from behind the counter. It was Tom and Paul. Paul,who was another one of my closest friends, that worked with me, and Tom who I had worked with for many years so we became good friends at work. "Fuck it's good to see you guys." Paul said as he hugged me. Mike stepped forward, "What happened to Kim and Stu?" Tom quickly jumped to his feet "They're fucking dead! Those fucking things bit them and turned them into a fucking walking corpse." I was good friends with Kim and Stu so it was quite hard to take in what had happened to them.

We all crouched behind the counter, Gary waved his hand for us to all huddle together "Right, now we have a better idea of what's going on down here, what do ya say we try and make a move back upstairs where we know it's safer?" At that moment we all agreed and stood up. We started heading back down the shop but then we heard a shuffling sound. As we looked over we could see a group of z's heading slowly in our direction. Mike quickly stepped in front "We're gonna have to fight our way through if we wanna get to the corridor." Me and Lee then stood forward next to him "Let's do this."

As we were getting ready to fight, Gary ran in front of us all "I got a better idea. I'll go to the side and bang around to get their attention. Then hopefully you can all get through." To which, without hesitation, Gary ran down one of the aisles, banging the pole that he had against everything, making lots of noise. As we looked over the z's were picking up on all the noise Gary was making and started heading his direction. Within a few minutes the horde had moved out of the way of the way so we all quickly scurried towards the corridor.

I turned around to see where Gary was, but couldn't see him "We need to go and check if he's alright." Suddenly he popped out the end of an aisle "It's ok, they are out the way now let's go." Then all of a sudden a z came up behind Gary, grabbed him by the shoulders, and bit into his neck, tearing a big chunk of skin off. He let out a mighty scream then fell to the floor. "Mike what the fuck do we do?" I asked. "Let's just get back upstairs, it's too late for him now." We all started running down the corridor, got upstairs, and went into the room where everyone else was hiding.

We all quickly rushed into the room and shut the doors as quickly as possible. I couldn't believe what I had just seen. I've seen this sort of thing on film and tv but to see it in front of me wasn't quite as easy as it looked in the films. Mike stepped ahead of everyone and proceeded inside. We all took a minute to process what had just happened. Then we heard Mike, "Erm, guys, you best come and see this." Me and Lee walked over to him only to discover dead bodies on the floor, and that the others that were up here had gone. Nobody knew what to say. Mike went to speak but was interrupted by a banging noise coming from a cupboard in the corner. He walked over and put his hand over the cupboard door handle. Lee quickly put his hand on the door "I don't think that's a good idea." Mike held Lee's arm and slowly eased it away "Get behind me and get ready to pounce." Mike then slowly eased the door open, but as it got half way someone jumped out. It was another colleague of ours, John. He was also one of the group that had been hiding upstairs. "Thank fuck it's you guys." "What happened?" asked Mike. "We got ambushed by a bunch of those things." answered John, "They pretty much wiped out the whole group. I quickly jumped in here so I didn't see much. I don't really know if anyone survived."

I approached Gary, "Well we clearly can't stay up here anymore, so I think we need to stick with my idea and get out and see if we can get to my place as I live the closest." He didn't say anything for a minute. He just stood there staring at the bodies on the floor. He had a mixed look of sadness and anger. He then looked up at me and said "Right, let's get the fuck out of here, I know roughly where abouts you live and if we stick together then we can make it." Tom stepped forward "Well my family aren't around anymore so I ain't got a reason to go out there. Surely if we barricade the place up we can stay here for a while." John then walked over to where Tom was, "Well my wife died a few years ago so I got no one to get out of here for either. You lot can do what you want, but the way I see it is we are in a supermarket so we have plenty of supplies, so I'm staying here as well." I shouted over to them "Well if that's what you wanna do then that's up to you. I need to get out of here and check on my family. If you really are gonna stay here then we could all come back when I find them. I'm sure the others have the same idea too." Lee came up beside me "Yeah, I'd like to know my wife and child are safe." John looked at me with a slight hint of frustration in his face. "Ok well I'm still gonna stay here. So when, or if, you return I will be waiting and we can all get the place secure." Lee, Mike and I all looked at each other until Mike steppped in front. "Well, if you're sure that's what you wanna do. I still think we'd be safer in a group." Tom then interrupted "Well we've made up our mind." There was clearly no pursuading them both. We started heading out the door then John ran over to us "Let's hope you all make it back. We'll be right here waiting."

We managed to get downstairs to the corridor. "Ok everyone, we know what was down here when we came back up, so let's hope they've all gone, but just in case they haven't let's make sure we stick together and have each other's backs." Mike said as he then started leading us down the corridor. As we got towards the end, the faint sound of the z's could be heard. We were all too determined to get out of the shop that no one paid any attention to it.

We got to the end of the corridor and stepped out on the shopfloor. The sound of the z's was getting louder but still not close enough for anyone to be scared. We proceeded towards the front of the shop to the doors when suddenly the doors opened and a load of z's stumbled in. We backed up quickly to the door of the corridor, got behind it and shut it, trying to force it shut using our weight. We could hear them heading our direction. "Right I'll go out there and try and distract them while you guys head for the door" Mike said. I certainly wasn't keen on the idea "Nah that's a crazy idea. I thought we were all staying together?" To which Mike answered "Yeah, but these things ain't gonna go anywhere unless someone intervenes, which is exactly what I'm gonna do." He then jolted the door opened and went running toward the horde.

We shut the door for a second then flung it open and ran towards the front doors. Just as we got to the door there was a loud screaming coming from behind us. It sounded like Mike. We waited a bit to see if he would reappear but he was nowhere in sight. "Wait here, I'm gonna go see what that noise was." I said as I started heading over to where the scream came from. Paul ran over to me "Nah stay over here. We can see if he comes out the aisle from here. Plus if all goes wrong we can make an easy break for it. "Erm, guys?" Lee said with a frightful tone. "You need to turn around and take a look." We both turned and saw Mike heading out the aisle, but he had turned into one of them. "Ah fuck!." I shouted. Paul then shouted over "Just get the fuck out of here."

We then left the shop and started heading up the car park. There were no z's in the car park so it was easy to get across. As we got to the back I could see, who I thought was the drunk woman from earlier, still lying in the bush. It was clear now that she wasn't a drunk, she was one of them. As we walked closer she reached out for us, but one of her arms had got caught on a branch of one of the bushes which stopped her from moving anywhere. We didn't do anything and just kept walking.

Well it was just the three of us now with our mission in mind. We were going to my place to try and form the next plan, and get possible supplies, before we head out to our families. I was a bit scared of what was possibly lying ahead of us, but I was still determined to get to where we needed to go. We were a team, and by each other's side we were determined to beat this thing.

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