Living Dead

When you wake up to start a day at work, only to find you’re in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.


10. Survivor

We all scrambled into the car, and Paul drove out the dump and we headed down the road. I was still in shock that he was here. I was certain he had been eaten by the z's back at the lake, but he had no marks on his face where I saw him get bit. "How did you survive?" I asked. "Well..." Paul said as he told his story...

"All of a sudden Paul climbed out the bush, grabbed a few z's by their clothing and starting pushing his way toward the lake. "Get out of here!" he shouted. We waited for a clearing then climbed out the bushes, but before we could help Paul, he was already pulling the z's down into the lake, with the rest of them following him. I ran over to the lake trying to kick the z's off that were surrounding him. He reached out and I grabbed his hand but just as our hands locked together, one of the z's bit him in the face. He let out a loud scream then let go of my hand and sunk underwater."

Paul then carried on the story from where we had left him... "As I went underwater, one of the z's went to bite me but as it lent on me, it actually pushed me deeper into the lake. As more of them tried grabbing me they too kept pushing me deeper, until I was deep enough that they loosened their grip and I was able to wriggle them off and swim away. I came up on the other side of the lake. I could see the two of you and tried calling, but the lake was rather big so my voice didn't travel very far. I managed to follow you to your street but I was met with a crowd of z's, so I had to take an alternate route.

I ended up walking across a big field, down an alley, into another street somewhere and there I met a family of survivors. They were a really welcoming family. Their names were Diane and Edward. They had two teenage children, Lawrence and Beth. They welcomed me into there home, where I had stayed for a few hours.

Edward, Lawrence and I decided to go out and search for food and supplies but we ran into trouble. We entered a house at the end of the street, which was quiet, and searched it, but just as we came out, a group of z's appeared. We tried fighting them off, but we only had planks of wood for weapons, so we didn't make much impact.

We managed to climb out one of the windows at the back of the house and made it back home. Unfortunately the z's had seen us and followed us back. The house got surrounded by them. We had all the windows boarded up, but there was a lot of z's and they slowly managed to break in. We all ran upstairs and locked ourselves in Lawrence's bedroom, but as we got in the room the z's had climbed the stairs and were heading for us. Edward and I held the door shut but the z's were too strong and we couldn't hold it. "We are gonna have to jump." I said to them, but before we could decide anything else the z's broke through. I grabbed Diane and Beth and we all jumped out the bedroom window, luckily there was a load of bin bags filled with rubbish just underneath, so we actually had quite a soft landing.

We looked up at the window waiting for Edward and Lawrence to jump but they didn't come. Diane started crying, "Where are they?" Just as we stood up they appeared in the window. Edward held Lawrence and helped him out the window, but just as Edward was about to climb out, one of the z's grabbed him and pulled him back in. He let out a loud scream, then it went quiet. The z's then appeared at the window.

Diane let out a loud scream, then she and Beth started crying. "We need to move." I said as I pulled them both to their feet. We left the street and got back to the field. There were no z's around so we all sat down for a minute. Lawrence remained standing and started walking back, "I'm going back for him." I jumped up and grabbed him, "It's too late. He's gone." Lawrence then burst into tears and fell to the ground next to Diane and Beth. They all cuddled together.

I turned away, but as I looked behind me, some z's came out the alley. As they came through I noticed a familiar one at the back. It was Edward. "Hey guys." I said. They looked up and Diane screamed and cried harder. "Dad!" Lawrence shouted as he jumped to his feet and started running over to him. I tried to grab him but he was too quick. He ran up to him and gave him a cuddle, but Edward lent his head down and bit Lawrence in the neck. He let out a loud scream. "NO!" Diane screamed at the top of her voice. She then jumped up and started running over to them. I ran after her and grabbed her before she got too close. I managed to pull her back and we headed to where we had left Beth. A loud scream came from Beth, a z was climbing on top of her. I ran over and smacked it across the head with the plank of wood. It fell to the ground but was still moving. I took Beth's hand and helped her up.

"It's time to go." I said, but Diane and Beth both just stood there cuddling each other. I went and stood beside them, "More are coming, we need to leave now." They didn't respond, so I started pushing them and we gradually started heading across the field.

We came to a big wooded area, which was surrounding a swing park. It was quiet so we went into the swing park and I let the other two sit down. I tried talking to them but I still got no reply. Diane had stopped crying but remained silent, she seemed broken inside. Suddenly a couple of z's appeared from behind the trees. "Let's go." I said to them. Diane stood up and started walking towards them. "Mum? What are you doing?" cried Beth. Diane didn't answer and kept walking. "MUM?" Beth cried again. She then ran over to me, grabbed me and started crying "Stop her." But before I could say or do anything, the z's grabbed Diane. "I love you." she shouted as the z's started biting into her. "We need to move." I said to Beth, so we ran out the park.

We got back to the lake and continued the original course. We got to your house but you had gone. I assumed I knew where you were planning on going next so we started walking to Lee's house.

As we got to a road we saw a car being swarmed by z's. One of the doors opened and Lee's head popped out. Once we saw it was you, we started running over to it but you had drove off. As there was a big group of z's in the road we had to take another route. We walked down a long path and found another street. There was lots of cars around so we searched for ages until we found one that worked.

I sat in the car but Beth just stood there. "What's wrong?" I asked. She then rolled up her trouser leg and revealed a bite mark on her leg, then she said, "Back on the field, when that z attacked me. My mum knew aswell, that's probably why she killed herself." She then shut the car door where I was sitting. "Go without me. I'll only slow you down." she said. I went to get out the car but she held the door shut. I rolled the window down, "I ain't leaving you here on your own, get in." She placed her hand on top of mine then lent in and kissed me on the cheek. "Are you sure this is what you want?" I asked. She let go of my hand and started walking away, then turned to me and said, "Thank you for everything, good luck.

I drove away and made it to Lee's house but I'm guessing it didn't go so well as I did find Lee, but not the way I would of wanted to see him. I left him there and assumed the rest of you had all gone somewhere else. So I drove around for ages looking. I made a few stops on the way to grab supplies and then I finally got here, and looks like it was just in the nick of time too."

What a relief it was having one of my closest friends with me again. I still couldn't believe that Paul had made it, but I was so happy he had. So once again we had a car, and we headed into the night with no real idea of where we were going to go, or what else was waiting for us.

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