Living Dead

When you wake up to start a day at work, only to find you’re in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.


7. Stranger

The sun was beginning to set and we had to get to this dump, or even just a safe place to spend the night, before it got dark. I had a vague idea where the dump was, as I had heard about it before, but I'd never actually been there. Dean had no clue what so ever where it was. So despite it only being ten minutes or so outside the town, getting there was going to be a bit tricky.

We headed back to the high street in the town centre, in hopes that we could potentially follow the other group's footsteps. We approached the top of the street and started to walk down it, until we noticed a small group of z's strolling in the the road. "Let's take that other way." I said as I started pulling Dean's arm. We backed out the street and headed round the corner, where there was a huge bus station on the right side of the road, and a few more shops on the left. There was a faint smell of smoke in the air. As we walked on a bit further I could see a smoke trail coming from the distance. We both started running towards it, only to discover it was a pile of cars that had been set on fire. The cars were almost perfectly placed in a line across the road, almost like a wall. It was almost as if someone was trying to stop people from going this way.

Dean walked up and down the line of cars, "There's no way we're getting around this, we're gonna have to turn back." We headed back to the high street. The z's were all still there. I raised the pole I had in my hand and stepped forwards. Dean grabbed me, "I'm too tired to be fighting that lot. Maybe if we sneak down the side of the path and stay quiet, they might not see us." I nodded and we slowly went to the right side of the road. We put our backs to the wall and started shuffling down the buildings. Dean's idea was working.

We managed to get to the end of the street unnoticed. We snuck past the last z and stepped away from the wall and back on to the road, but just as we started walking away Dean kicked something metal that was lying in the road. The z at the end of the road, turned to us and started heading towards us. Then some of the other z's followed. I was ready to fight them off but Dean pulled me away, "Leave them and just fucking run." I didn't argue and we both ran out of the high street

We got to the edge of the town centre and came to a rather steep bridge which oversaw a canal underneath. I was fairly certain it was the way to the dump, so we began to cross it. We got to the top of it but once again had to come to a hault, as just at the bottom of the bridge was another group of z's. This time it was a much bigger group spread across the whole road. Dean turned to me, "There's no way we are gonna be able to fight our way through that. What are we gonna do?" "I don't know." I said, "I'm pretty sure that's the only way there, unless we try finding another way across the canal." Dean walked over to the edge of the bridge and peered over the edge, "I guess we'll have to try that then. I don't even want to risk attempting this way."

So we walked down the side of the bridge to the edge of the canal. It stretched for miles and was rather wide, so there wasn't even a way of possibly jumping across it. I had never walked down the canal before so I didn't even know if there was another way across. That didn't stop Dean from wanting to try though.

It was starting to getting dark, and the canal had no light and was surrounded by trees and bushes, so it looked quite scary. Dean still showed no fear though, "I'll go first then you go behind, that way we are covered front and back, just incase we see anything." he said. We starting walking down the canal. The trees surrounding the canal were hiding more and more of any daylight left, so it was becoming darker, even quicker the further we went. We had only been walking about half hour or so, but we were walking very slowly, almost tip-toeing, so it seemed like we were travelling forever.

Out of nowhere a blinding light appeared in our face. Dean raised his hand to sheild his eyes and shouted, "What the fuck. Take that light out my fucking face." Nobody answered, and the light still stayed. I turned and walked towards where the light was coming from, "Are you deaf? We said get the fucking light out of our face." There was still no answer. Dean raised his crowbar, "I swear if you don't turn that fucking thing..." All of a sudden there was a thud and Dean went crashing to the floor.

"What the fuck?" I shouted. The light then went off and a figure appeared. "Who the fuck are you?" I asked. I didn't get a response, only the sound of heavy breathing. "Well, who are you?" I asked again, "What do you want?" Suddleny the light came back on and they pointed it at their face. I could just about make out their face though, as the mouth was kind of covered with a scarf. It looked like a middle aged man, who was also wearing a hoodie, with the hood up. He just stood there with the light in his face staring at me.

Dean was lying on the floor knocked out. "What the fuck do you want?" I asked again, "And why the fuck did you do that to my brother?" There was still no reply. Suddenly he started coming at me. He grabbed my jacket and took me down to the ground. He tried to climb on top of me, but I managed to kicked him off. He tried again, but this time, I managed to grab him and pull him down next to me. I jumped up and shouted, "What the fuck are you doing? I'm not here to fight. We just wanna get past." He jumped to his feet and punched me in the jaw. I fell to my knees and spat out some blood. I could hear him picking up a metal object. I quickly grabbed hold of Dean's crowbar, jumped to my feet and swung it at him. I hit him and he went crashing down to the floor.

I went over to him and gently kicked him to see if he was still moving. He suddlent grabbed my leg. Without thinking I started smacking him again with the crowbar. I kept smacking him until my arms grew tired, and then I collapsed to the floor. He didn't move for a while, and he didn't sound like he was breathing. I knelt next to him, pulled his scarf down from his mouth, and put my ear close. As I lent forward I went to move my hand a bit nearer, but as I put it down it felt like I placed my hand in a puddle of something. I reached across, grabbed his torch and pointed it at him. There was blood everywhere. I looked at my hand that was wet, and noticed it was dripping with blood. I moved the light to his face, but I wish I hadn't. I had smashed his skull in completely. I sat on the floor and placed my head in my hands. I had never killed someone before, and didn't know what to do now.

Suddenly there was a slight groan coming from Dean. I went and knelt next to him as he turned to lay upright. "What happened?" he asked. I switched the torch off so he couldn't see the other guys body, "Some arsehole knocked you out brother, but he's gone now." Dean sat up, "Well where the fuck did he go? I wanna fucking sort him out." I said nothing and stood up. Dean then stood next to me. I aimed the torch towards the body. "I already did." I said as I turned it on. Dean said nothing and walked over to the body. He starting kicking it and shouting, "Fucker! That'll teach you." "What are we gonna do with him?" I asked as I stood beside him. Dean placed his foot on the body and shoved it into the canal. He then took the light out of my hand and pointed it at the body as it floated away. "We tell no one about this." he said. I just nodded and said, "Ok."

We carried on walking along the canal. It was a lot easier and quicker now we had a torch to light the way. We came to a small footbridge which crossed to the other side of the canal, we crossed it and then kept walking. Just as we were starting to give up hope, we came across another bridge just above us. We climbed the stairway which lead to it and we came to a road.

By now the sun had completely set and it was really dark, so it was hard to see into the distance in both directions of the road. We turned left and continued walking. Luckily, it wasn't long before we found a road sign which had directions to the dump on it. It was just ahead, down a little straight road so hopefully it was going to be easy to get to.

The road was reasonably well lit with street lights so we had a fairly good view of anything that could be ahead of us. We managed to get to the woods just outside where the dump was. The woods were completely dark and was near enough impossible to see through, but thankfully we had the torch. There was a couple of z's hovering around the trees that we took care of.

We got to one of the side fences of the dump. Some of the z's that the group had been using as a sheild were tied up to the fence. I shined the torch around to have a look but there didn't appear to be anyone there. We walked round to the main entrance gates hoping for a team of people to welcome us, but the gates were all locked up, and again, there was no one there, only a few more z's tied to the fences. John was also there, tied up.

Had Tom and the others left already? Maybe they had taken a different route that was taking longer. What if none of them had actually made it here alive? Me and Dean both sat against against the gate and put our heads down. Suddenly I heard a slight shuffle noise behind me, so I stood up. Just as I turned around something hit me in the head and I blacked out.

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