Living Dead

When you wake up to start a day at work, only to find you’re in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.


8. Safe?

Who knows how long I had been out for. As I started to come round though, I noticed I was on the floor in a very small glass room. There was a faint sound of voices coming from outside. I woke up fully and had a look around. Dean was sitting by my side. "What happened?" I asked. Dean grabbed my hand and pulled me to my feet then started point out the windows, "We are inside the dump." I felt a bit dizzy and sat back down, "Then why the fuck was I knocked out?" Dean took a seat next to me, "They thought we were z's trying to get in. They apparently keep getting loads of them coming at the gates. After they hit you, I explained who we were, then they recognised us and let's us in. A couple of us carried you in here and let you sleep it off."

There was a tap on the window and a woman popped her head in, "Everything ok in here?" I jumped to my feet, "Well what the fuck do you think?" She opened the door and we stepped out. She then put her arm over me and said, "Yeah, we're sorry about that, we didn't actually realise it was you guys. We had left you in the town ages ago and assumed you had been killed or something, so we just took certain measures." She then let go of me, stood in front of me and shook my hand, "My name's Emma." Me and Dean introduced ourselves then Emma showed us round the dump and introduced us to some of the other people. "So where's Tom?" I asked. Emma pointed at the corner of the dump, to a little building, "He's in there." I walked over to it, but just as I got near, suddenly there was a lot of noise coming from the front gate. A horde of z's had appeared and were trying to get in.

Just in front of me, at the top of a little staircase, a door swung open and Tom appeared. I looked up at him quite pleased to see him. He looked down at me, but said nothing and then nodded. Then he ran down the stairs, over to the front gates. The rest of us then followed him. We tried to fight the z's off but more kept coming. Before we knew it, the horde had grew bigger and were completely surrounding the entrance.

There were far too many of them for us to deal with. Everybody stopped and backed up a few steps. We stood there watching this giant crowd of z's scrambling against the gates, just waiting for that moment they break in. One of the guys at the dump came up to me, "Don't worry they ain't getting in. The gates are strong and will hold up against anything." Then he started walking off, but just as he went, there was a sound of snapping metal. We all looked up and the corners of the fence had snapped off.

The gates were lightly swaying backwards and forwards. We then carried on trying to get rid of the z's but the more we tried, the more the fence was coming loose. It was no good, there were still far too many of them, and the ones we had killed were creating a pile on the floor to which the other z's were just climbing over. Tom and some of the others went over to some of the skips inside the dump and wheeled them towards the gates, resting the skips against them. The skips helped support it, but it wasn't going to hold for too long.

One of the group, the guy I had punched in the face earlier in the shopping centre, came over to me and pushed me back, "This is your fucking fault. You brought them with you. We were doing fine until you showed up." I shoved him back, quite hard that he fell to the floor, "Fuck you! The roads were clear when we got here." He jumped to his feet and went to come at me, but was met by some big guy who told him to calm down. The big guy then turned to me, "Don't worry about Steve. He's not the nicest guy in the world." He then turned and addressed the rest of the group, "We need to get out of here. It isn't gonna be safe for much longer. There's just too many of them." "Where the fuck do we go?" a voice in the crowd shouted. "I don't know. But if you stay in here then you ain't making it out alive." said the big guy.

Before anyone could say anything else, the gates came loose and revealed an opening, where some of the z's started walking through. A few people in the group ran over and killed them, but more z's kept coming. Before we knew it the gates came crashing down and the skips were shoved back. The huge crowd of z's all started coming through. We all looked at each other, but before we could speak everyone charged towards the horde. Dean and I then ran over and helped in trying to take out as many z's as possible.

The horde was too big though, and they were slowly edging inside the dump. Me and Dean stepped back, out the crowd. "This ain't working, we need to get out of here now." I said. Before Dean could say anything the big guy came over to us, "Quick everyone get in there." He said as he pointed at the little building in the corner. He then dashed towards it, joined by a few others. Me and Dean then followed. I was the last to climb the stairs, but just as I started to climb, a z grabbed my leg and tried pulling me to the ground. I tried kicking it off but it's grip on me was really tight. Dean stepped over me and, in one big swing, smacked it across the head with his crowbar, which sent it flying backwards. He helped me to my feet and we both ran inside.

As we got inside, the big guy quickly locked the door, then we all pushed up against it. We waited for more people to come, but nobody did. The sound of people outside slowly faded until all we could hear was the sound of the z's. We picked up an office desk, at the back of the room, which was rather heavy and required all of us to lift it, and wedged it against the door. Then we stood there waiting, but still nobody came.

There was six of us that had made it inside, me, Dean, Tom, Emma, the big guy and Steve. We all went and sat against the wall at the back of the room.

I got up and sat next to Tom. "You ok?" I asked. He didn't even make eye contact, he just nodded. We remained seated for a bit, but then there was a banging at the door. We went silent and waited to hear if anyone would shout, but it was just a constant banging on the door. Emma got up and stood next to the door, "Anyone there?" Nobody answered.

Steve then jumped up and stood next to Emma. He grabbed the side of the desk that was obstructing the door, and turned to us, "Help me move this so we can open the door slightly." Then he pointed at me, "Then you have a look and see if anyone's out there." Tom got up and placed his hands on the desk. I was confused with the whole idea. "That's a bad idea." I said, "You know it's the z's that are out there, and if you open that door, they are just gonna swarm in here." Steve just stared at me. Dean stood up, "He's right. This idea's shit. We need to come up with another plan and get out of here." But before anyone else could say anything Tom and Steve picked the desk up and moved it.

"What the fuck are you doing?" I shouted but it was too late. Steve had opened the door slightly, but just as I had predicted the z's started pushing against it. Tom ran to the door and tried to help close it. The rest of us got up and went to the door to try and help too, but there was too many of them and we couldn't hold it for much longer. "Well what the fuck do we do now?" I shouted as I looked at Steve. He said nothing then let go of the door and started looking round the room. "What the fuck are you doing? I said, "Get back here and help us." He ignored me and continued looking round. I then ran over to him and tried pulling him towards the door, but he pushed me away causing me to fall to the floor.

I briefly lay there, but as I looked up I noticed an open hatch in the ceiling. "We can all get out that way, if we can fit." I jumped back up and ran back to the door. "Tom, you and Steve grab the desk and put it underneath, then we can use it to climb through. Tom agreed, let go of the door and grabbed the side of the desk. Steve ignored me, but Tom managed to grab him and they both slid the desk under the hatch. Then Tom ran back over to the door.

We managed to get the door shut and Emma grabbed a chair and wedged it under the door handle, but it wasn't holding and we needed to hurry and get out of there. We stepped away from the door and went to the desk. Steve had disappeared.

Emma climbed up the desk and out the hatch. "What the fuck?" I heard her shout. Then I heard Steve's voice, "I wasn't gonna wait for you lot, I wanted out of there." The rest of us climbed out and onto the roof. Dean was last, just as he climbed on top of the desk, the door broke open and the z's started swarming in. As he pushed himself up one of the z's grabbed his leg and started pulling him down. I ran over to him and tried helping him up, but the z's had a good grip on him. Everyone else then came over and pulled him up. Steve stepped back and watched. We managed to get Dean through the hatch.

I quickly jumped to my feet, ran over to Steve and pushed him over, "You could of fucking helped us, rather than just standing there watching." Steve jumped up and went to throw a punch at me, but I swerved out the way and he fell back to the floor. He jumped up and tried again, but Emma walked over and punched him in the jaw, Steve once again fell to the floor. "We ain't got time for your childish bullshit. There's bigger issues going on here." she said.

We all walked over to the edge of the roof, as Steve stayed sitting on the floor, and gazed at the horde of z's that were swarming the dump. We were safe for now but we couldn't stay on this roof forever. We needed a plan to get out of here, but it didn't look like there was any way out. We all looked around at each other. I then looked at Dean, "So what now?"

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