Living Dead

When you wake up to start a day at work, only to find you’re in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.


5. Reunion

The walk from Lee's house to the town centre was dead silent. We both had our heads down the whole way. I was still in shock as to what had happened, first Paul, now Lee. The films made it look a lot easier than it actually was. I thought I was prepared for a zombie apocalypse but clearly it wasn't all I thought it would be.

As we approached the high street of the town centre we were very cautious, knowing that it was probably gonna be crawling with z's, and we were right. They were lurking around everywhere. We managed to make it to the top of the high street and quickly ducked behind some bins. We needed to get to the main shopping centre which was half way down the road. I peaked over the top of the bins then knelt back down. "There's fucking loads of them. This is gonna be impossible to get to where we need to go." "We stick to the edges and hide where possible." Dean replied, "We'll try not to get noticed then we should be ok."

We scurried across the walls, heading down the street. Luckily most of the z's were hanging in the middle of the street. Just as we got outisde one of the shops the door opened and a z walked out. We both straightened ourselves against the wall and froze. The z hadn't seen us. We started backing up but just as we were getting clear, Dean knocked a can over, which let out a loud rattle. The z in front of us quickly noticed us and started heading toward us. A few other z's around also began coming at us. I grabbed Dean's hand. "Fucking run!" We both backed up and headed back to the top of the street.

Just at the top of the high street there was a bar. We quickly ran over to the bar hoping it would be open, luckily it was, so we headed in. We locked the doors behind us and piled up as many tables and chairs against the door that we could find. We waited to see if the z's would try to break in, but they didn't appear.

The bar appeared to have not been touched. Dean walked over to it and started pouring a drink. "Fuck it, I'm having a drink." I joined him and poured myself one. I downed my drink, slammed the glass on the bar and looked over at Dean, "So, what do we do now?" He too downed his drink then said, "We wait. Once the coast is clear we make another break for it." I got up and walked over to the doors, "There's a few of them still lurking about out there." "That's why we wait." Dean answered as he started pouring himself another drink.

I walked to the back of the bar and found a fire exit. "We can go out this way and get around them." I pushed the bar to open the door, but just as I opened it, some z's were out there and started coming at me. I quickly shut the door again. "Fuck sake! I guess we aren't going out that way." I walked back over to the bar and poured another pint.

Just over an hour had past as we were still sitting there waiting. I stood up and kicked the stool back, "Right, that should be long enough, I'm having a look." I walked over to the doors and looked outside. I couldn't see any z's. "I think we are safe." Dean then downed one more drink and jumped to his feet. "I'm ready." Before we made our way we had a look around for some weapons. Dean managed to find a crow bar in the back area, but I didn't find anything.

We went to the doors and slowly pulled the furniture away from them, then unlocked them. Dean went to walk through the door first but just as he walked through a z came round the corner and grabbed him, pushing him to the floor. I hesitated for a second but then picked up one of the chairs and hit it across the back. The chair broke but the z didn't react. I then picked up a broken piece of chair leg and stabbed the z in the head with it. It stopped moving and Dean kicked it off, then jumped back up to his feet. "Cheers brother." He said as he stood over the body. I had never done anything like that before so I was in a bit of shock. Dean grabbed me and we carried on out the door.

As we headed back down the high street, most of the z's had gone. Only a few were left lingering. We still crouched along the walls and tried to stay hidden. We made it to the shopping centre, but as we entered, the place was crawling with z's. "Well, this is just fucking great." I said. Dean was still determined as ever though. "We can still get in. We'll circle round to the other entrance and hopefully get in that way." We began to make our way down the high street, but we were met with a large group of z's. We crawled into a doorway of another shop. "Let's just turn and go the other way." I said.

We then turned around but was met with another large group of z's. Only, for some reason, these were all standing in a straight line spreading across the road. We tried to open the door we were crouched down in front of but it was locked. Dean stood and started kicking the door, in hopes he could break it open, but we were just creating more noise and attracting more attention from the z's. There was nowhere for us to go.

Both the groups of z's were drawing closer. I stood up and raised the piece of chair leg I had in my hand, "I'm not going down like this. I'm going out fighting." Dean then stood up. "We fight together, brother." Just as we were about to start attacking the z's, the group that were standing in a straight line started attacking the other group. Dean and I both ducked down, then we heard a voice. "You guys ok?" I raised my head, and just as I looked up, a z appeared in front of me, only this z looked familiar. As I stood up and saw it clearer I noticed it was John, the guy I had left with Tom, barricaded at work. I went to raise my weapon, but just as I did, he got pulled back and another person, a living person, appeared. I couldn't believe who was standing in front of me, it was Tom.

He stretched his hand out and helped Dean to his feet. I stood there looking at him in amazement. He then realised it was me and a slight smile appeared on his face. We just looked at each other for a minute saying nothing then he reached out and shook my hand. "Holy shit! I can't believe you're here, where's the others?." he said. I looked over his shoulder I noticed he was with a group of other people. "They didn't make it." I said.

"Anyway, how the fuck did this happen?" He let go of my hand and told his story "We started boarding the place up, but we got over run so we had no choice but to get out of there. As we escaped and got down the road John got bit, which caused him to turn, and he attacked me. He managed to get me down to the floor, but someone pulled him off me, and that's when I met these guys." "So why have you bought him with you?" I asked, to which he replied, "We use the z's as a kind of shield. When we are behind them, the z's can't sense us as much, so we are near enough invisible to them."

The group Tom was with had wiped out the group of z's, so the street was reasonably quiet, apart the z's they had kept with them. Tom didn't introduce us to any of them, instead they all just started walking on. We made it back to the entrance of the shopping centre, I pulled Tom to the side, "We need to get in there, our parents might be there." One of the group stood in front of me "If anyone's in there, then they are fucking dead mate. Don't waste our fucking time and get a move on." I stepped up and got in his face, our noses nearly touching, "You need to back the fuck off and mind your own fucking business, mate." Tom stepped between us and pulled us apart, "Enough! We don't need this. But he's probably right, chances are they won't be there and it would be a waste of time and potentially risking lives if we tried it."

Dean then stood in front of me. "Well we ain't leaving here without knowing for sure. So you can either help us, or take your group and fuck off!" The guy that had the argument with me started charging towards Dean, but Tom stopped him, "Look, you need to get the fuck away." he said as he pushed him away. "I'll try and get the guys to help you." Tom said, "But I doubt any of them will. All they wanna do is find supplies, find shelter and set up a camp."

Tom walked away and began talking to the others. I could see some of them weren't too happy about the idea of helping us. He then came back over. "So, some of the guys said they will help. The rest think it's a waste of time, but have agreed to wait outside for an hour then move on with, or without us. Oh by the way, I'm coming too."

Me, Tom and Dean, plus four of Tom's group, started heading into the entrance of the centre. This time we had a wall of z's in front of us, one of them being John, whom Tom was holding onto, so we pretty much walked the whole way in without any problems. We came to the middle of the centre where you could see all three of the floors. We were on the middle floor, so there was one above and one below us. Dean pointed at one of the clothes shops on the floor above us. "That's where they normally go, so we should start there and work our way round." We all started climbing up the escalator, which was turned off, and headed for the shop.

As we got in, thankfully there was only a few z's walking around. We went to the back area where the staff rooms were but they were all empty. As we came back out I saw a z in the corner of the shop, facing the wall wearing the same jumper my dad normally wears. I gazed into the corner for a minute. Dean stood in front and faced me, "You ok?" I put my hands on his shoulders and turned him round to face the z in the corner that I was looking at. He let out a slight gasp, then turned his head towards me, "We need to be sure."

We walked over to it but as it turned I noticed it wasn't my dad. Then one of the other group jabbed it in the head with a crowbar. I was relieved but still annoyed that we hadn't found them. After we took out a the rest of the z's in the shop, we made our way out. "So where else could they be? I asked. Dean didn't say anything as he was too busy heading to the next shop. He then came back over to me, grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him. "Right, I think we need to check all the shops until we are completely sure. Otherwise possibly the police station?"

So we checked all the shops, but we didn't find our parents, or even anyone else alive. One of Tom's group stood by the entrance to the shop and shouted, "Right, fuck this, let's get out this place, and this town, and hunt for a safe place to lay low." I walked over to him, "Maybe they've gone to the police station. Who knows, there may be even be other people hiding in there aswell." The other guy pushed me back, "I ain't fucking wasting anymore time looking round for someone who's probably already dead." I then threw my fist and punched him in the face. The punch was hard enough that he fell to the floor. Tom came over and put his hand on my chest, "Take it easy Johnny, he does have a point. We need to go and set up a safe camp somewhere, then we can send out search parties." Dean then came over to us, "Fine you guys go do your thing, and we'll do ours. We were doing fine on our own anyway."

We stopped searching the shopping centre and came back out on to the high street. Tom's crew were still waiting. "Any luck?" one of them shouted. "Well what the fuck do you think?" shouted that guy I had punched. The group started whispering amongst themselves, then another one of them shouted over. "Right, let's carry on with our plan then." Me and Dean stepped forward and addressed the group, "I know you have a plan set in mind, but my brother and I still believe our parents might be out there somewhere, and we would like to carry on looking for a bit longer. I think the police station would be a good place to look. There way even be more people there."

Then the guy I had punched, pushed through me and Dean, "Fuck that, let's carry on with what we've gotta do, and if they ain't coming then fuck them, they can stay here." Before I could say anything else, Tom stepped in front of me, "Ok then, we know where we are heading so let's get moving." I couldn't believe none of them were willing to help. "Is there not a single one of you who will help us?" Dean asked. It went quiet for a minute, then a voice in the crowd shouted out. "I'll come with you." To which a short, Asian guy stepped through. "My dad is an officer at the police station, so I know the whole layout of the building. Trust me, you'll be faster with me leading the way." I shook the guys hand. "Thank you." "By the way my name's Mez." he said. "I'm Johnny, this is my brother Dean."

Tom came over to us and pulled Mez away. "Are you sure this is what you wanna do?" "We won't be that long." He replied. "You guys carry on to the safe zone we arranged, and we'll come back and meet you there." They then shook hands. Tom then faced me, "Well good luck boys." Me and Dean just nodded back. Tom and the group then started walking off down the high street.

The police station was only and five minute walk from where we were so it should be easy, provided the coast was clear of z's. The upside was, potentially, there would be a safe place to go once we find our parents. I was rather disappointed that Tom, a guy I had worked with for many years, had not even offered to help us. He seemed like a different person. Not like the man I once knew.

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