Living Dead

When you wake up to start a day at work, only to find you’re in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.


4. Loved Ones

The journey to town started off simple, but as we figured, it wasn't long before we ran in to trouble. We managed to drive out the residential area and on to the main roads but as we drew nearer the town centre, a few z's appeared on the road. Dean wasted no time in mowing them down with the car, but as we got even closer to the town, our journey came to a hault, as the few z's turned in to a big group of z's.

We stopped a few feet away. "We should turn back and find another route." I said. Dean looked at me, then gripped the steering wheel tighter and started revving the engine. "I've got this." he said, then before we could say anything else he slammed his foot on the pedal and started charging towards them. "Stop the fucking car and turn back!" I shouted but it was too late we had already started driving through the crowd.

The idea actually seemed to work as we plowed them down, but as we got half way through the crowd of z's, the car came to a sudden stop. The cars rear wheel had got stuck in the pile of z's we had ran over. Dean kept trying to drive forward and reversed but the wheel kept spinning. "Fuckers ain't stopping us now." he said as he continued to try to get through. The z's started climbing round the car and before we knew it the car was covered with them, banging and scratching on the windows.

Lee leant forward and grabbed Dean's arm. "Stop. You're gonna blow the engine or fuck the car up." Dean then took his foot off the pedal and switched the engine off. We sat there surrounded by a pile of z's with nowhere to go. Dean slouched into the chair, "Well I guess that's it then." he said. Then Lee grabbed the plank of wood he had. "We ain't done yet." He wound down the window slightly and started jabbing at the z's. He managed to shove them back slightly. I then wound down my window and started doing the same. We managed to push them away just enough for Lee to quickly open his door. He leaned down and shoved his plank under the rear wheel. "Try it now." he shouted.

Dean switched on the engine and slammed his foot on the pedal. The car edged forward slightly but we still weren't going anywhere. Then he tried reversing and we started moving backwards, to which he quickly changed gear and drove forward. We started moving forward again knocking over the rest of the z's in front of us. We managed to get through the crowd and got back on to the clear road. We all relaxed back into the chairs.

The rest of the journey was pretty clear apart from the occasional z but Dean just swerved round them this time, making sure we didn't do anymore damage to the car. Just as we got outside the town centre there was a rattling sound coming from the engine and steam started coming out the car bonnet, then the car stopped. Dean tried starting up the engine but it didn't turn on. We got out and opened the bonnet to see what was wrong. The engine was covered in blood and body parts of the z's. "Well, that's well and truly fucked then." said Dean, as he slammed the bonnet closed. "So what now?"

I started walking away, then turned back towards the others. "Looks like its on foot from here." Lee and Dean looked at each other then ran up beside me. As we came up to the town centre Lee pointed to an alleyway, "We need to go that way, it's around the outskirts, so it'll be safer and quicker to get to mine." "I don't think an alley is the safest idea, Dean said, "We should follow the roads as they are more open." Lee looked at me, put his head down, then started heading for the alley. I ran over and grabbed him. "It'll be suicide if you go that way." Lee stopped walking, "It's the quickest way I know. Plus there's lots of fences we can jump over if we do run into any trouble." Dean looked at me, shrugged his shoulders then began to follow Lee.

It was a long straight alleyway but looking ahead it all seemed pretty clear. Just as we neared the end of the alley, we could hear a load of z's on the other side of a fence. I climbed up slightly to have a look. It was someone's garden and at the back, just outside the house, was, what looked like a family but looking closely I could see they were a family of z's. A man, a woman and two kids. Lee climbed up beside me. "What's going on?" We both just stared at the z's for a bit and said nothing. Then one of the kids spotted us and started heading our direction. The rest of them followed. They got to the opposite side of where we were standing and tried reaching for us, but as the fence was quite tall they couldn't reach. I looked at Lee "Such a shame, to see the whole family like that." Lee just shook his head and jumped down off the fence. I jumped down shortly after and we carried on walking until we came out the alley.

Lee pointed to the houses in front of us. "Just over the road, through that little alley between them houses, and on to the next street. That's where my house is." Then Lee started walking across the road. Dean and I both quickly followed. As we got across the road and approached the alley we could see a small group of z's lurking just at the end of it. Me and Lee stopped but Dean carried on walking. I grabbed him. "What the fuck are you doing?" "We can take them out, there's only a few." he said, to which I shouted back, "I ain't risking anyone else's life for a few fucking zombies, we'll find another way."

Lee stepped in between us. "There's lots of other ways to get to my house from here. We can go to the end of the street, walk round the bend, and walk up the next street. My house is about half way up the road." "For fuck sake!" Dean shouted, "I guess we'll take the long route if you're all too chicken shit to hack your way through a few zombies." Lee walked over to him and squared up to his face. "Look here. I don't give a shit if it's the longer way. It's the safest. If you want to take the z way and get yourself killed then be my guest." "Enough!" I shouted. "Lee has a point. I ain't taking the risk down this way when there's other options which could be safer." Dean said nothing and stormed passed me and started heading back up the street.

Lee's idea was right, as the rest of the way to his house, there were no more z's in sight. We got just outside Lee's garden and looked around. Lee wasted no time in opening the garden gate and running to the front door. As we got closer we noticed the door was opened slightly. Lee ran in to the house and started shouting. "Sarah? SARAH? Are you here?" We waited at the front door. Then it went quiet. Me and Dean looked at each other then started walking through the front door. We didn't hear anything. "Lee?" I shouted out, but got no answer. Dean and I both split up and searched each room downstairs but couldn't find Lee or anyone else.

There was one room left downstairs, the sitting room, which had the door closed. We both stood either side of the door, Dean pointed at himself to go first, then for me to follow. Just as we opened the door we heard a loud sobbing coming from inside. We looked in only to find Lee standing in a corner crying as he stared into the corner opposite him. As we entered the room more, I noticed there were two z's wedged behind some furniture in the corner where he was staring. It was Lee's wife, Sarah and their son, Jack. I looked over at Lee who was still crying, but didn't stop staring. I didn't know what to do. I stepped forward but Dean grabbed my arm, I turned to him and he just shook his head. "I think we should let Lee sort this out for himself." he said. We both stepped out of the room and moved away from the door.

About quarter of an hour had gone by as we were sitting on the floor waiting. Lee then opened the door and stepped out the room, closing the door over slightly. He just stood there silent. I put my arm round his shoulders. "Come on mate, no need to be here any longer." We headed for the front door, but just as we stepped out we heard the sitting room door open and the sound of z's. Lee stood at the front door, then looked at us as tears rolled down his cheeks. "It'll be ok." he said as he slowly closed the front door.

I ran up to the door and grabbed the handle, but just as I grabbed it, there was a loud scream coming from inside. I just stood there staring at the door. Gripping the door handle tightly. Then I saw Sarah and Jack appear in the slightly frosted window that was on the door and started banging and scratching. I didn't move nor let go of the handle.

It went quiet for a minute as Sarah and Jack had backed away from the door, but then another z appeared and started banging and scratching against the door. It was Lee. He was one of them. I quickly released my grip from the door handle and took a step back, still staring at the door. A mixed feeling of sadness and anger were going through my head right now. Dean came up beside me and put his arm over my shoulder. "Let's get out of here. There's nothing more you can do now."

I still just stood there staring at the door. Dean started walking away from the house to the garden gate but stopped and waited for me. I dropped to my knees, rested my head against the door and as a tear rolled down my cheek I softly said. "I'm sorry." Then I stood and walked out the garden closing the gate behind me.

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