Living Dead

When you wake up to start a day at work, only to find you’re in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.


6. Left Behind

The three of us managed to get to the police station. We had to take out a few z's on the way, but turns out Mez was a bit of a fighter, so it was no problem for him. From the outside it looked pretty peaceful, however inside was a different story.

We opened the door and approached the welcome desk. There was a bell on top of it. I hovered my hand over the bell. "Be ready for anything." The other two raised there arms and weapons. I rang the bell twice, then quickly turned and raised my weapon too. It was quiet for a minute, but just as we put our arms down a little group of z's appeared and starting banging and scratching behind a glass door to the left of the desk. The door was locked though.

Mez walked over to the door, "One of you break the glass and I'll take care of them." I grabbed his arm and pulled him away from the door, "They ain't gonna bother us. Just leave them there." "Well, there's another door over there." he said as he pointed to another glass door, which was to the right of the desk, "That will take us to the offices round back." This door was also locked, however, Dean wasted no time in smashing it.

We waited to see if any more z's came but none appeared. We headed down a corridor and came to another locked glass door, which had a room with desks in it. On the other side were three z's wandering round. I turned to the others and signalled with my hands, pointing at Dean and one of the z's, then at Mez and another z, then at me and the other z. They both nodded, I smashed the door and we all charged inside and took out the z's. Mez pointed at a door at the back of the room, "Through there is where the main offices are." So we proceeded through a corridor.

We came to the end of the corridor and was met with 4 doors. These were all wooden so we had no idea what could be waiting for us on the other side. All of the doors were unlocked thought, so we managed to check three of the offices. We got to the fourth, but struggled to open the door. We managed to wedge it open slightly, then a mans voice shouted from the other side, "Who's there?" Mez quickly stepped over to the door, "Dad?" A figure then appeared in the gap in the door. "Mez?" he said as he opened the door. Mez ran through the door and cuddled him.

They both walked away from the door, into the office, and began quietly talking to each other. We entered the room and closed the door. The man ran over to the door and pushed a filing cabinet up against it, "There was some of them out there. I've kept myself locked away in here where it's been safe." Mez then came up behind him, "By the way guys, this is my dad, Raj. Dad, this is Johnny and Dean." I shook his hand. "Nice to meet you."

We sat in a corner of the room discussing our journeys so far. Raj had offered to stay behind to try and contact other police stations, but had no luck, as all forms of communication were down, and no one had come to the station. Mez told his story of how he was working in the local corner shop and when it all started, he got raided and had locked himself in the back room, until Tom and a small group of people, had found him. They then had found a few others around the town. They were on a mission to set up a base, then try and see the apocalypse, or whatever this was, through.

I asked Raj if anybody else had come to the police station, he mentioned a few, but none that matched the description of our parents. I stood up and addressed the group. "Ok so what are we gonna do now? They obviously haven't been this direction." "I've no idea." Dean answered, "Who knows, they may have even went to a different town to go shopping. It would be near enough impossible to find them outside of this town. What if Tom's guys were right?" A tear rolled down my cheek, then I kicked a chair that was near me, across the room, "I ain't fucking giving up. I wanna find them and be safe all together."

Dean jumped to his feet and wrapped his arms round me. "I know, I know, but we could potentially be searching forever, and maybe never even find them. Our best bet could be to go with the others, get a camp set up and if they are around here, hopefully they will find it." I threw myself to the floor. "Shit!" Mez then stood up and faced me. "It's up to you guys but I think Dean is right. If the four of us stick together, we should get there quite easily."

I joined the others and stood up, "So where is this place?" "There's a dump site just on the other side of town." said Mez. "A dump? Why would you want to live in a dump? I asked to which Mez replied, "Well it's all fenced off and surrounded by loads of trees, so it will be safe against the z's. Also we aren't planning on living there, it's just a temporary refuge so we have somewhere to fall back on whilst we search for more people and supplies. Ideally we were hoping to only be there for about a week."

We gathered any drinks and other supplies. Mez then walked over to the door and placed his ear against it, "I can't hear anything out there. I'd say if we're gonna move, now's the time." Raj and Dean lifted the filing cabinet up and moved it out the way of the door. "Right, let's go." said Mez, as he started to open up the door.

Just as he got the door open slightly, a group of z's appeared and barged it open. It was the same group that we saw by the welcome desk. Mez stepped backwards and the four of us formed a line. We all looked at each other and nodded. Then we charged toward the z's. We eventually managed to kill them all, until there was just a big pile of bodies in the middle of the room. Raj stood up and tried wiping himself down as he, and the rest of us, were covered in blood. Raj then reached into the bag, pulled out one of the bottles of water and started pouring it over his hands and face. We all then stood up, shared the bottle round and done the same.

We all went to sit back down after we had cleaned up a bit, but just a Raj went to sit down, one of the z's, near the bottom of the pile of bodies, grabbed his leg and bit in to his ankle. Raj let out a deafening scream. "DAD!" Mez cried as he jumped back to his feet and ran over to him. He pushed Raj out the way and started stamping on the z's head. He kept stamping into the z's head until he was just stamping on the floor.

Raj was standing just above me, but he started swaying and fell to the floor. Me and Dean picked him up and leant him against the wall. "Dad, what do I do?" Mez cried as he knelt beside Raj. "Don't worry my son, it'll be ok. It just means you're going to have to do the rest of the journey without me." "I can't." Mez replied, as he knelt there crying. He then sat on the floor and rested his head on Raj's chest, "I won't carry on without you dad." Raj placed his hand in Mez's head, "Don't worry about me. You go with the boys and complete your mission. I'll just stay here and rest." I walked over and knelt beside Raj, "Are you sure this is what you want?" He took hold of my hand, "Yes. It's too late for me. But please make sure my son makes it and sees a future." Raj then let go of my hand and place it back on Mez's head, that was still buried in Raj's chest as he was crying.

"Go now my son. Live a life." he said. Mez slowly raised his head "I'm not going. I'm gonna stay here and look after you." "No. I'm telling you to go with them and stay alive." Raj said as he grabbed Mez's shoulders and pushed him upwards. Mez wiped away his tears, "I'm not going anywhere without you. he said, "I'm gonna stay here. I'll look after you." Raj said nothing and leant his head back on the wall whilst looking at me. Mez lent over again and buried his head in Raj's chest. I placed my hand on Mez's back, "Are you sure?" Mez said nothing. Raj, still looking at me placed his hand on my shoulder and nodded.

I stood up and walked over to Dean. He picked up the bag, took one of the bottles of water out of it and placed it on the floor next to where they were sitting. We then both walked over to the door. I poked my head just out of it to make sure it was clear. Then I turned and looked over at Raj and Mez. "Thanks for the help. Good luck." We then walked out the door and stood just outside it, looking back into the office at Raj and Mez. I waved, but neither of them moved.

The events that took place at the police station made me realise how much I missed my parents. In the back of my mind though, I couldn't help but agree with everyone's idea about finding sanctuary somewhere, in hope that they would come there. I'm hoping Tom and the rest of them had made it there and were waiting for us to arrive. However, we had to actually get there yet.

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