Living Dead

When you wake up to start a day at work, only to find you’re in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.


3. Hero

We had got to the street that I said looks like the set of a horror. Well there's no denying the irony of the situation as we were crossing over it, we were living the horror. Luckily there wasn't many z's lingering around so the walk back to my place was quite smooth.

We headed down the long path, just around the corner from mine, and as we got to the end we saw one of the z's crawling across the floor. It was the guy I saw earlier who I thought was another drunken tramp. We stepped round him making sure he couldn't grab us. Paul stood above him and raised him arms, holing a metal pole. I quickly walked over and grabbed his arm "No, leave it. There's no point. Save your energy just in case." He began to lower his arms, but in one swift motion quickly lifted them back up and bashed the z's head multiple times. Lee then quickly stepped in and took the pole out of Paul's hand "I think that's enough of that. We can't go losing our shit now. We got things to do." Paul stepped back "I'm fine, just showing these fuckers what we can do."

We crossed the road, headed down the street til we got to my place. It seemed really quiet, but there was the faint sound of the z's in the air, so we were all on high alert. We got up the stairs to my flat and all stepped inside. Paul wasted no time in looking around for supplies. He was grabbing every bag he could see and filling them with all the food he could find. The rest of us just looked at each other. No one said anything. We then joined Paul's search and split up to look around the house for supplies. After ten or so minutes we all gathered in the kitchen. Paul pointed at a small pile of carrier bags in the floor "Right I got as many food items as I could but it's not a lot. We'll need to see if the neighbours have anything. If we split up we can cover ground quicker." "Nah, that's a bad idea" I said, "We would be safer sticking together. Who knows what's waiting behind those doors." We all picked up our weapons and headed out on to the walkway. I pointed at the first flat at the end. "Let's start from the end and work our way down."

We got to the end and knocked on the door. There was no answer. We knocked again, harder, but still no answer. Lee then reached to open the door, it was unlocked. We stood still for a minute to see if there was any noise or movement, but there was nothing. We headed inside and went straight for the kitchen. It looked like it had already been cleared out. We had a quick look through the cupboards. "There's nothing here!" Paul said as he slammed the cupboard door shut. I left the kitchen and started heading upstairs. "I'll have a quick check up here. You guys keep looking." I rummaged through the bedrooms but they had all been cleared out too. Lee came upstairs "This place is empty. Guess it's onto the next one." We all headed back outside and went to the neighbors flat, but it was exactly the same, it had also been cleared out. We went to the next flat. The door was partially opened. Lee knocked on the door, but as he knocked, the door opened up more. We waited a minute to see if anyone was about but we didn't hear anything. We entered the flat and headed for the kitchen and just as before Paul started searching through it. I once again headed upstairs. As I got to the top of the stairs I could hear some heavy breathing coming from one of the bedrooms, so I headed over to it. The door was half open so I peeked in. I could see someone in the corner of the room, standing there facing the wall. I pushed the door open and leaned in a bit. "Hello?" I asked, but didn't get any reaction. "Excuse me? Hello?" But again there was no reaction. So I took a few steps in to the room. "Erm, excuse me are you ok?" I asked, then suddenly they turned toward me, with blood dripping from their mouth and head twitching. It was a z.

I started backing up towards the door trying not to make a sound, but just as I stepped foot out the door, the floor creaked. The z started coming over to me so I quickly shut the door and gripped the handle. "Guys! Quick help me, one of them's in here!" I didn't get an answer at first, but then Lee came round the corner and headed up the stairs. "Just leave the door and fucking run! There's a few of them downstairs. Paul's holding the door to keep them in, but we all gotta make a break for the front door." "Ok." I said as I let go of the handle and we both quickly ran downstairs, Paul joined and we made a fast escape out the front dooor shutting it behind us. Paul wedged his plank of wood under the door handle so it wouldn't move. "Fuck, that was close. Right, we stay together and take it room by room for the rest of them." Lee and I nodded and we headed down the walkway passed my flat to the next one. This one was empty too but had lots of food and other bits left. We grabbed it all and left.

Just as we stepped out and shut the door there was a sound of z's in the stair way. Lee ran over to the stairs to have a look, "Shit! There's a load of them heading up this way." he said. I quickly ran to my door and opened it. "Quick, get in." The other two quickly ran in but just as we closed the door, a z started banging on it. Then another, and another, til there was a big group of them all banging. Lee ran into the kitchen, grabbed a chair and wedged it under the door handle then turned to us, "Right, so what are we gonna do now?" I headed into the sitting room. "Let's all get in here." I said, "We'll block this door off aswell and think of something." We shoved the sofa in front of the door and all but Paul sat down. "Ok, I think we should stay here as long as possible." he said, "Well can wait for them to go. We got enough supplies to see us through the night if need be." I wasn't too keen on the idea, but as there wasn't really any alternative we all just agreed to stay in the sitting room until it was safe to leave.

A couple of hours went passed and the banging suddenly stopped. We all crawled up the sofa and put our ears against the door. It was quiet. "Lets check it out." Paul said as he started pulling the sofa back. He went to the front door and peered out the letter box. Nothing was there. He pulled the plank of wood out and opened the door. All the z's had gone.

Suddenly there was a woman's scream from down below. She ran out into the road as a group of z's, the same group that was after us, were after her. She had a z holding on to her, she managed to shake it off but then she tripped, and the group of z's all charged towards her, piled on top of her and before she had a chance to break free, they started biting into her. Paul turned to us, "Right this is our chance to get out of here." We all ran back inside, grabbed the bags then ran back out and headed down the stairs. As we got to the bottom of the stairs the z's were standing near. We snuck out the building but one of the z's spotted us and started heading our direction.

We ran out and proceeded to the other end of the street, where it was quiet. "So which way is it?" asked Lee. I pointed left, "We head down this road, cut through a small alley, then we come to a lake. We have to walk round the lake, cut through a couple of streets then we are there." We all picked ourselves up and headed down the road until we got to the lake.

As we came out the alley and could see the lake, it had dozens of dead bodies floating on top of it. Lee stepped in front of us "Are you sure this is safe? I have a bad feeling about this." "Well it's the quickest way there." I said, "Plus there's lots of trees and bushes around it so there's plenty of cover."

We began our journey around the lake which actually seemed quiet, but just as Lee had predicted it wasn't long before we ran into trouble. Just as we came round a corner there was a huge crowd of z's heading our direction. Lee stepped in front of us "Great! Well what the fuck do we do now?" "Don't worry we'll just turn around and go the other direction." I said. So we turned and started walking the opposite way, but again we were met with another big group of z's. "Ah, shit!" I shouted as we starting edging backwards. Lee grabbed my shoulder "Wasn't that a fucking great idea? So what are we supposed to do now?"

Paul then dropped his bag, grabbed both our arms and pulled us into a big bush, "We'll just wait here for them to pass, then carry on the way we planned." So we waited, for what seemed like forever, for the z's to pass us. They started walking in front of us, not paying any attention to us in the bushes. Suddenly one of the z's started reaching into the bush we were hiding in. Lee smacked it over the head with his weapon, but the rest of them heard and started heading towards us. Before we knew it they too were reaching through the bush trying to grab us. We all tried fighting them off but they were slowly getting closer and closer.

All of a sudden Paul climbed out the bush, grabbed a few z's by their clothing and starting pushing his way toward the lake. "Get out of here!" he shouted. We waited for a clearing then climbed out the bushes, but before we could help Paul, he was already pulling the z's down into the lake, with the rest of them following him. I ran over to the lake trying to kick the z's off that were surrounding him. He reached out and I grabbed his hand but just as our hands locked together, one of the z's bit him in the face. He let out a loud scream then let go of my hand and sunk underwater. I froze and just stared at the lake where Paul was, but I lost sight of him as the z's scrambled over him. Lee came up behind me. "It's too late for him, we need to get the fuck out of here now!" I remained still with my arm still extended, where I had tried to grab Paul's hand. Lee then wrapped his arm around my chest and pulled me out the lake. "Come on, fucking move before they get you too!" I snapped out of it, quickly got out the water and we both started running along the path.

A few minutes went by and we hadn't said anything. We both just had our heads down. I stepped to the side and leant my head against a tree. "FUCK!" I cried out. "He did what he had to, to make sure we got out." Lee said. We both just stood there for a brief minute then picked ourselves up and carried on walking. We got round the lake and made it to my parents house. The street was quiet. I saw my dads car in the driveway so I ran over to the house and banged on the door. There was no answer. I started panicking and continued banging the door harder and harder. Then they sound of keys jingling on the other side of the door gave me a feeling of relief, to which my brother, Dean, opened the door. I threw myself at him and gave him a cuddle. Lee then ran in and shut the door. Dean quickly let go of me and locked it. "Damn, I'm glad your ok." he said as tears started rolling down his cheeks. I said nothing and just gave him another cuddle.

I looked over at the sitting room, "Where's everyone else?" I asked. Dean let go of me and took a step back, "It's just me." "What do you mean? Where's mum and dad?" I asked, as tears rolled down my face. "I don't know. They went out to go clothes shopping in town earlier but haven't come back. I've been waiting here all day but haven't heard anything. They may be safe or they might be..." "Don't say it!" I quickly interrupted, "I've already lost some people, I don't need to hear anymore." He then placed his hand on my shoulder, "I'm just saying we need to prepare ourselves for the possibility."

We both stared into each others eyes for a minute and then Dean reached out his hand to Lee. "I'm Dean by the way, Johnny's younger brother." Lee then shook Dean's hand "Lee." We all went and sat in the sitting room. I remained standing and looked over at Dean. "Right then, I promised Lee if he helped me get here, I would help him get to his house, to his wife and kid. Are you willing to help out?" Dean then stood up "I'll help you, I've got the keys for the car too. So where do you live?" "Just outside the town centre not that far from our work place." Lee said as he stood up.

Dean then put his hand on my shoulder and looked me in the eyes. "If we are going near the town we could always have a look around and see if we can see mum and dad. We know what sort of shops they go to, who knows they could be locked up inside one of them. I mean, we have the car, right? So we may as well do a few laps at least." "After we get Lee's family of course." I said. We went into the kitchen and gathered some food and water then went outside and got into the car. The street was still quiet so getting out of here was going to be easy. Dean started the car and backed up out the driveway.

So the next mission was now set, and we were all more than ready for it. Lee was more than eager to get to his family. Our parents are out there and we are going to find them, and with my brother and a car, the next journey should hopefully be easier. But we still weren't sure what was lying ahead of us.

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